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Spring Allergy Tips for Allergy Sufferers

These Tips and Air Purifiers in the Bay Area Help Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Spring is finally here, but while you may be enjoying the warmer weather, you probably aren’t enjoying the higher pollen count if you suffer from allergies. While it’s nearly impossible to avoid all of the pollen in the air this spring, there’s still plenty that you can do to reduce your symptoms and not be too miserable. Here are some tips that should help. Continue reading

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How Long Should HVAC Ducts Last and How Do They Get Damaged?

Why Might You Need Bay Area Air Duct Services?

Most people don’t ever think about how important ductwork is to your HVAC system. If you are getting heat or air conditioning through your ductwork, you probably think that is the most important thing. Those ducts can get damaged, which impacts the air quality in your home, the energy efficiency of the HVAC unit, and your comfort. Learn more about how your ducts can be damaged and when to call Bay Area air duct services. Continue reading

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Should You Clean Your Air Ducts? Probably Not.

Do You Really Need Air Duct Cleaning?

You’ve seen the commercials for air duct cleaning in the Bay Area. “Studies show that air duct cleaning improves your health…” According to The Washington Post, “the evidence does not support (those) claims. … In fact, the little independent research performed on duct cleaning indicates that the process stirs up so much dust that it creates a bigger problem than it solves.” If the air quality in your home isn’t working for you, maybe duct cleaning can help, maybe it won’t. Here’s what to know. Continue reading

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Rodents in Your Attic or Ducts are a Real Concern, So What Can You Do?

Dealing With Rodents in the Attic – Bay Area Air Duct Services

No one even likes to think about their ducts being dirty and dusty, but the thought of mice living in the ductwork just sounds awful. Unfortunately, your ducts can make a pretty inviting home to rodents. Here’s what to know about rodents in your ducts and who to call for A/C repair in San Jose. Continue reading

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How to Keep Dust and Air Pollution Out of Your Home

Dust and smoke in the home may lead to or worsen significant health issues. It is important to safeguard your environment against this unwelcome intrusion. By implementing a few simple techniques, such as installing air purifiers in the Bay Area home, you can help to ensure the health of your entire household. Continue reading

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Do Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning? Here’s How to Tell

You May Need Air Duct Cleaning if You Notice These Signs

Keeping your air ducts clean is vital for a variety of reasons. Proper maintenance will extend the life of your equipment, and it will also keep your HVAC system running more smoothly in general. Also, by ensuring that your air ducts remain clean, you can help to keep your household in good health. The following are a few of the top indications that you may need air duct cleaning in your Bay Area home.

Obvious Dust and Dirt

The first sign to look for is the accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris. Take a look at the exterior of the vent covers. If you notice any dust or dirt, chances are good that the inside is dirty. Whether or not you can see dirt on the exterior, you should periodically remove the vent covers to check for dirt on the interior. Other components you should check include the return air registers, air filter, furnace compartment, blower fan, and motor.

Presence of Mold

When mold is growing on any of your system’s components, this is a sign that they need to be cleaned and inspected. The manifestation of mold could mean that the ductwork has a moisture issue. Mold should always be removed, and the underlying problem should be fixed. If this isn’t done, your household could experience health issues.

Respiratory Problems

If anyone in your home is suffering from respiratory problems, examine your air ducts. Clogged filters and dirty ductwork can result in unhealthy air. When the ducts are not kept clean, pet dander, dust, dirt, mold, and other pollutants can make their way into your home and your family’s lungs.


Another reason to utilize professional air duct services in the Bay Area is the presence of vermin in the ductwork. This includes insects and rodents. If you hear unidentifiable noises coming from the ducts, be sure to have a technician inspect the system. The sounds you hear could be vermin invading the space. Other indications to be aware of are rodent droppings, insect husks or shells, and scratches on the sides of your ducts. You may need to hire someone who specializes in Bay Area air duct services.

Fuel-burning Equipment

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), if you have a fuel-burning fireplace, stove, or furnace, it should be serviced and inspected for functionality prior to every heating season. This will help to protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

By getting your air ducts cleaned when they are dirty, you may keep your household healthier overall. You’ll also maximize the effectiveness of your HVAC system, and you won’t need to replace it earlier than you should.

Do You Want to Schedule an Air Duct Inspection?

When you need air duct cleaning for your Bay Area home, use a reputable company to avoid future problems. Element Home Solutions provides expert air duct services for Bay Area homeowners. Contact us for a free quote on services, as well as 10% off when you choose our quote.

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The Importance of Air Ducts to your HVAC System

Your home or building’s air ducts play a crucial role in its greater HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. They facilitate ventilation and create a path for conditioned air to move throughout the premises, thereby creating a comfortable indoor environment for all occupants. Considering all these benefits, it is essential that you take proper care of your air ducts. Failure to do so will most likely lead to them becoming contaminated. Such a situation will in turn cause them to operate inefficiently resulting in poor indoor air quality. Continue reading