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How Long Should HVAC Ducts Last and How Do They Get Damaged?

Why Might You Need Bay Area Air Duct Services?

Most people don’t ever think about how important ductwork is to your HVAC system. If you are getting heat or air conditioning through your ductwork, you probably think that is the most important thing. Those ducts can get damaged, which impacts the air quality in your home, the energy efficiency of the HVAC unit, and your comfort. Learn more about how your ducts can be damaged and when to call Bay Area air duct services.

Age and General Usage

As your home ages, certain parts of it can weaken. Air ducts are subject to gravity, which constantly pulls of the materials that the ducts are made of. Insulation can degrade over time. As the air ducts get older, they may need some maintenance to ensure they’re operating at peak efficiency. When you need A/C repair in Oakland, ask the technicians to inspect your air ducts.

Pests – Insects and Rodents

Air duct material is flexible, making it easier for rodents to chew through. You may even get some insects in your home that make their home in your air ducts. Pest control can eradicate the problem, leaving behind another problem with your ducts. You’ll want to make repairs quickly to avoid bigger problems later on.  

Poor Installation

Inexperienced contractors may not have installed your air ducts for maximum efficiency. If you’re losing air through the air ducts from poor installation, repairs can keep your energy bills lower. It’s worth checking out when your HVAC service technicians are performing maintenance to your HVAC.

Damage to Your Home

We don’t often think about storms damaging the ductwork in your home, but there are elements of your unit that might be exposed to damage during bad weather or when you’re making other home repairs. A small water leak could cause parts of the ductwork to rust. Making repairs to isolated incidents can keep your home more comfortable all year long and prevent further damage to the ductwork.  

The Best Bay Area Air Duct Services – Replacement and Repair

Contact us for HVAC repair in the Bay Area. We can help you find the problem and find the best solution to make your air ducts work more efficiently all season long.