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HVAC Switching from Heat to Cool? Should You Be Concerned?

HVAC Repair in the Bay Area Spring Tips

At some point this spring, your HVAC system will switch over from heating to cooling. In this article, you’ll learn some ways to smoothly transition your HVAC system, and you’ll also learn whether you should be concerned about frequent switches between heating and cooling.

Clear the Exterior Unit of Debris

The first step in prepping your system for spring is getting rid of any debris that have accumulated near the unit. If you’ve put a cover over the unit, take it off. Once you have a good view of the unit, you can take advantage by carefully inspecting it for sticks, leaves, and other items that make have built up in the area.

During this step, also also keep an eye out for damage to the unit. Contact a repair company if you spot any. For instance, HVAC repair in the Bay Area is sometimes necessary because of damage from the region’s high winds and other weather hazards. 

Schedule a Professional Inspection and Maintance

If you haven’t already enrolled your system in an inspection and maintenance plan, don’t wait long to do so. Having a pro look over your system periodically will help prevent expensive repairs and downtime. To set up a plan, contact a company like Element Home Solutions, which offers heating and cooling services in the Bay Area. Typically, routine plans will involve a check-in during the spring, along with other times of the year.

Change the Filter and Clean the Vents

Over time, HVAC systems can accumulate dust, pet hair, and other tiny bits of debris. That’s why it’s important to regularly change the air filter (or filters, if your system has more than one). Spring is an ideal to pick up the habit or regular filter changes.

Another helpful springtime task is cleaning the vents. This, combined with air filter changes, makes it easier for your HVAC system to push air throughout the home. 

Switching Your System between Hot and Cold

In regions where temperatures can hover between hot and cold, like the Bay Area, cooling services are the name of the game one day, while the next day might call for heating. That can lead to a situation where homeowners fear they’re switching between heating and cooling too rapidly. However, these switches are OK as long as you prepare your system accordingly.

One helpful tactic is setting your thermostat to its auto mode, which prevents it from running constantly. And try not to switch your system between heating and cooling when it’s already in the middle of a heating or cooling cycle. Instead, let it finish, turn the system off, and let it rest for a few minutes before switching over.

The Best HVAC Repair in the Bay Area

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