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Choosing the Best Heating System for Your Home. (Part 1 of 2)

With cooler weather fast approaching, you might be considering whether your home’s heating system is up to the task of keeping you warm as temperatures drop. Your heating system is one of the most important elements of your home, and whether your home’s heating system is in need of replacement, or you’re currently planning your dream home, selecting the right type of heating system can be a daunting task. Before scheduling an appointment with a Bay Area HVAC company, let’s take a look at some options. With so many options available in the Bay Area, from furnace installation to radiant heating systems, how can you make sure to choose the perfect solution for your home?

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My Furnace Isn’t Blowing Hot Air

Are You Considering Furnace Repair in the Bay Area?

If your furnace is only blowing lukewarm air instead of hot air, the result can be annoying–and chilly. There are a few reasons this could be happing. This article looks at some reasons why your furnace might not be blowing hot air and ways to fix the problem. It may require getting Bay Area furnace service, but it may also just be the filter which you can do yourself.

Faulty Air Filter or Ducts

Your furnace’s air filter can cause lukewarm air if it is installed backward, is dirty, or is too restrictive. To repair this problem, check to see if your air filter is installed improperly or is dirty, and replace or adjust the filter accordingly.

Another air-flow-related issue that can occur is leaky ducts. If your system’s ducts are leaking, cold air will mix in, causing your furnace’s air to feel lukewarm. The solution is duct sealing, which can be performed by a professional that provides Bay Area heating services.

Nothing’s Actually Broken

It’s possible that your heating system is blowing less hot air, and yet nothing is wrong with it. This can occur with high-efficiency, two-stage furnaces and with heat pumps. Two-stage furnaces heat air at two different temperatures, meaning air won’t always come out at peak temperature. And if you have recently switched your heating system from a furnace to a heat pump, it’s normal to notice that the air it produces isn’t quite as hot. However, if the heat pump does fail to reach the thermostat’s set point, you may need a Bay Area heating repair service.

Faulty Gas, Thermocouple, or Flame Sensor

Three somewhat related problems that can cause lukewarm air are a faulty gas supply, a faulty thermocouple, or an issue with the flame sensor, all of which may be reasons to contact a Bay Area furnace service provider. Burners that can ignite and heat are a sign that the issue isn’t with the gas supply. However, if they won’t ignite and heat, the gas supply may be at fault. Problems lighting may also be caused by issues with the thermocouple or flame sensor. It is recommended that you hire a professional service to handle such issues.

Do You Need Heating Repair in the Bay Area?

We here at Element Home Solutions can help with any of the issues covered in this article and more. Check out our coupons page for discounts on furnace repair and new furnace installation. If you’d like a free quote, please give us a call at (888) 980-4822.

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How to Know Whether to Repair or Replace Your Furnace This Winter.

Wondering Whether to Repair or Replace Your Furnace This Winter?

It seems like summer just started, yet here we are thinking about winter already. As the temperatures get cooler outside, there’s nothing more important than keeping your family warm and comfortable inside. If your furnace is getting up there in years, you may be wondering if you should arrange for Bay Area furnace installation or repair the unit you already have. Here are some factors to consider as you decide whether new installation or furnace repair in the Bay Area is the best solution.

When Repairing Your Furnace Makes the Most Sense

When a furnace is less than 10 years old, there’s a good chance that the service technicians at Element Home Solutions can fix it. It’s also typically more cost effective for you to choose repair on a unit under 10 years old than replacement. You can assume that your furnace is functioning properly if you don’t experience uneven heating throughout your home and don’t notice a slight increase in your utility bill every month. We often advise customers to spend money on repairs if the total cost is one-third or less the cost of replacement.

In addition to conducting furnace repair in the Bay Area, we can recommend other options that can increase the efficiency of your furnace while saving you money at the same time. Some of these include checking your home’s ductwork and upgrading to a new programmable thermostat.
Is it Time for New Bay Area Furnace Installation?

Even with regular preventive maintenance and timely repairs, the average lifespan of a furnace is 15 to 20 years. If your unit is approaching this point and providing you with inconsistent heating, replacement is likely your best option. Another obvious sign that replacement is near is that you must call for furnace service in the Bay Area several times a year. When you add these costs together, it may shock you to learn that they total more than the cost of a new unit. The older your furnace gets, the more important it is to consider return on investment.

Do You Need A Bay Area Furnace Service?

If you’re considering furnace replacement, please contact Element Home Solutions at 888-980-4822 to request a free consultation. We also encourage you to check our coupon page for discounts on new furnace installation.

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What to do When Your Bay Area HVAC Unit Isn’t Blowing Cold Air

Is Your Air Conditioner Not Working Properly?

There are probably worse things in life than an air conditioner that doesn’t work when it’s supposed to, but during an especially warm day when you do need to be refreshed by cool air, it’s hard to think what they are. If you are deciding whether to call a Bay Area AC repair professional, this blog may help. 

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How to Set Your A/C for a Good Night’s Sleep

Want to sleep better? Go ahead and touch that thermostat.

Although many homes have a ‘don’t touch that dial’ policy in place once optimal household settings have been achieved, making some minor adjustments can actually help improve the quality of your sleep and that of your family. Of course, a programmable thermostat with AC, heating and fan options presents homeowners with the best choices for features and the ability to experiment. Even better is a HVAC system that divides different areas of your home into different HVAC zones. If your home doesn’t have this kind of controllable thermostat, a Bay Area HVAC specialist can help install one.

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Central A/C Vs. Window A/C Units

Which Cooling Option to Choose? That is the Question.

There are a lot of things we crave in the heat of the summer, but an easy way to cool down usually ranks fairly high on our list. The ideal solution, for many of us, would be something along the lines of a lovely beach in a warm, exotic destination where there’s a lovely breeze and perhaps a fruity drink or two. 

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Do Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning? Here’s How to Tell

You May Need Air Duct Cleaning if You Notice These Signs

Keeping your air ducts clean is vital for a variety of reasons. Proper maintenance will extend the life of your equipment, and it will also keep your HVAC system running more smoothly in general. Also, by ensuring that your air ducts remain clean, you can help to keep your household in good health. The following are a few of the top indications that you may need air duct cleaning in your Bay Area home.

Obvious Dust and Dirt

The first sign to look for is the accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris. Take a look at the exterior of the vent covers. If you notice any dust or dirt, chances are good that the inside is dirty. Whether or not you can see dirt on the exterior, you should periodically remove the vent covers to check for dirt on the interior. Other components you should check include the return air registers, air filter, furnace compartment, blower fan, and motor.

Presence of Mold

When mold is growing on any of your system’s components, this is a sign that they need to be cleaned and inspected. The manifestation of mold could mean that the ductwork has a moisture issue. Mold should always be removed, and the underlying problem should be fixed. If this isn’t done, your household could experience health issues.

Respiratory Problems

If anyone in your home is suffering from respiratory problems, examine your air ducts. Clogged filters and dirty ductwork can result in unhealthy air. When the ducts are not kept clean, pet dander, dust, dirt, mold, and other pollutants can make their way into your home and your family’s lungs.


Another reason to utilize professional air duct services in the Bay Area is the presence of vermin in the ductwork. This includes insects and rodents. If you hear unidentifiable noises coming from the ducts, be sure to have a technician inspect the system. The sounds you hear could be vermin invading the space. Other indications to be aware of are rodent droppings, insect husks or shells, and scratches on the sides of your ducts. You may need to hire someone who specializes in Bay Area air duct services.

Fuel-burning Equipment

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), if you have a fuel-burning fireplace, stove, or furnace, it should be serviced and inspected for functionality prior to every heating season. This will help to protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

By getting your air ducts cleaned when they are dirty, you may keep your household healthier overall. You’ll also maximize the effectiveness of your HVAC system, and you won’t need to replace it earlier than you should.

Do You Want to Schedule an Air Duct Inspection?

When you need air duct cleaning for your Bay Area home, use a reputable company to avoid future problems. Element Home Solutions provides expert air duct services for Bay Area homeowners. Contact us for a free quote on services, as well as 10% off when you choose our quote.

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Should You Repair or Replace Your A/C Unit?

Here are Some Helpful Tips to Help You Decide Whether to Repair or Replace

When your air conditioner starts needing frequent repair, deciding whether to continue repairing it or to replace it can be challenging. It costs more to install a new unit, but you may save money over time due to greater energy efficiency. You may also be able to keep your current unit running by repairing issues promptly and having regular preventive maintenance performed. Here are some factors to consider as you decide whether you should continue to seek Bay Area air conditioning repair:
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5 Easy Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Are you unsure what tasks you can handle on maintaining your air conditioner?

Keeping your HVAC unit in a top-notch shape is an important task. It requires a regular maintenance to ensure that it’s operating on the full potential. Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system offers you a plenty of advantages, such as avoiding emergency breakdowns, cost-saving benefits, and reduced energy bills etc. There are some tasks you can do yourself and there are some tasks that should be left to the experts. Read on to help you decide which tasks you can take on yourself and when you need to call for Bay Area HVAC services.

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