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Rodents in Your Attic or Ducts are a Real Concern, So What Can You Do?

Dealing With Rodents in the Attic – Bay Area Air Duct Services

No one even likes to think about their ducts being dirty and dusty, but the thought of mice living in the ductwork just sounds awful. Unfortunately, your ducts can make a pretty inviting home to rodents. Here’s what to know about rodents in your ducts and who to call for A/C repair in San Jose.

Why Worry About Rodents in Your Ducts?

Rodents in your home isn’t a pleasant thought, but when mice make their home in your ducts, there are some additional problems that you won’t have if they’re in your basement. The HVAC blows air throughout your home. The germs and dirt that mice create in your ducts can be blown into each room. Mice and other rodents seem to have a penchant for wiring. Chewing up your HVAC wiring can be expensive to repair.

Symptoms of Rodents in Your Ducts

If you think you have mice or rodents in your ducts, you’ll want to call a Bay Area air duct services company. You might actually see mice in the ductworks, but it’s more likely you’ll see signs or hear them running in the vents.

Smells and Odors

You may smell something musty coming out of your air ducts, like urine and droppings. If you put out bait for rodents, one could die in the ducts. You will definitely smell that dead animal in your home. Even if you don’t have mice in your ducts, you’ll still want to get rid of the mouse population.

More Flies in Your Home

If you’re seeing more flies in your home, it could be a sign of a rodent infestation. Blowflies appear when animals die. You may need a pest control specialist to manage the pests, as well as a professional company that does heating and air installation in the Bay Area.

Insulation Issues

Mice and rodents seem to enjoy nesting in insulation. If your HVAC doesn’t seem to be doing its job, it could be that your insulation is not doing its job. Get a pest control specialist to manage the rodent population. Contact Element Home Solutions to get your insulation fixed to avoid high energy bills. Our team can help you make sure your ducts are clean for a comfortable home. Then, we’ll help fix any potential entrances in your ducts to prevent future infestations.

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