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How to Keep Dust and Air Pollution Out of Your Home

Dust and smoke in the home may lead to or worsen significant health issues. It is important to safeguard your environment against this unwelcome intrusion. By implementing a few simple techniques, such as installing air purifiers in the Bay Area home, you can help to ensure the health of your entire household.

Know Who Is Most at Risk Without Bay Area Air Purifiers

While everyone can be affected by air pollution that makes its way indoors, some populations are more likely to suffer greatly from exposure. These are a few of the people most at risk:

  • People with certain health conditions: Lung disease or a heart condition can be exacerbated by dust and air pollution. This includes health issues such as COPD, asthma, emphysema, and congestive heart failure. Additionally, diabetes can be an indicator of cardiovascular disease, so people with diabetes are also more vulnerable.  
  • People in certain age categories: The elderly are generally more likely to have lung and heart issues. This can make them more susceptible to illness when they breathe in air pollution or dust. Since their respiratory systems are not fully developed, children are also more apt to suffer when exposed to dust and smoke.  
  • Those who are pregnant: Smoke and dust inhalation may cause health issues for both the mother and the fetus.

Fortunately, a variety of tools and techniques can help prevent dust and air pollution from entering your home:

  • Check doors, windows, and walls – Be sure to seal any cracks or openings in the home, such as space between the bottom of a front door and the floor. Particularly during fire season, keeping doors to the outside and all windows shut is advisable.
  • Optimize the ventilation system – When outside smoke is nearby, you may need to close off the outside air intake if you have a forced air system. Incoming air ducts and crawlspace vents might also need to be closed, but you should always consult a qualified HVAC professional for guidance in doing this.  
  • Doormats and shoes – Placing doormats by entrance doors will aid in reducing dirt, dust, and other unwanted particles in the home. Removing shoes upon entry will also help to prevent tracking such particles indoors.
  • Wear a mask – If there are vulnerable people in your household, encourage them to wear a face mask indoors and outdoors during fire season. You can facilitate this by making N-95 or P-100 masks available in rooms throughout your home.
  • Dust regularly – According to the American Lung Association, dusting is an important aspect of improving the air quality in your home. Performing this task regularly is essential.
  • Purify the air – You should also rely on equipment that helps maintain clean air in your home. The ideal solution is to use an IQAir whole home air purifier, a superior product that can be installed in your existing HVAC system. An authorized pro does the installation work for you, and the purifier comes with a guarantee of 10 times cleaner air in your home.

Air Purifiers in the Bay Area Banish Dust and Smoke from Your Home!   

You don’t need to suffer from the effects of smoke and dust particles in your home. Element Home Solutions is authorized and proud to provide and install IQAir whole home air purifiers, which can lower your energy bills and eliminate the need for duct cleaning services. We are experts at heating and air installation in the Bay Area, and we are happy to answer your questions or concerns about air purification in your home.

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