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Spring Allergy Tips for Allergy Sufferers

These Tips and Air Purifiers in the Bay Area Help Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Spring is finally here, but while you may be enjoying the warmer weather, you probably aren’t enjoying the higher pollen count if you suffer from allergies. While it’s nearly impossible to avoid all of the pollen in the air this spring, there’s still plenty that you can do to reduce your symptoms and not be too miserable. Here are some tips that should help. Continue reading

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How to Keep Dust and Air Pollution Out of Your Home

Dust and smoke in the home may lead to or worsen significant health issues. It is important to safeguard your environment against this unwelcome intrusion. By implementing a few simple techniques, such as installing air purifiers in the Bay Area home, you can help to ensure the health of your entire household. Continue reading

air purifiers in the bay area

How to Ensure Good Indoor Air Quality in a Bay Area Home

Having good indoor air quality is obviously very important in 2020 as more people work and learn at home. But it is especially vital in the Bay Area this year and in the future. The region is facing longer fire seasons than in the past, which creates multiple “bad air days” every year. So, homeowners need to make sure that their ventilation systems (the “V” in HVAC!) are up to the task of filtering out soot and other airborne irritants. Plus, having an air filtration system that can filter out airborne viruses is also critical.

How Air Filtration Systems Protect Your Family

A whole house air filtration system will always be best, and is likely a great investment that adds to your home valuation. But even basic HVAC system maintenance will help keep your family safe if more elaborate air filtration systems aren’t an option for you.

  • You should have an HVAC professional perform routine maintenance twice a year on your HVAC system to make sure filters are replaced and air ducts are clear.
  • Explore whether adding a whole house air filter like the popular IQAir Perfect 16 product to your ventilation system. These are powerful filters that remove over 95% of air contaminants.
  • If that isn’t an option, there are portable air purifiers that do a good job of cleaning indoor air room by room. This could be effective if you live in a smaller space such as an apartment, too. Note that these products vary in power, so you need to match their specifications to the space you wish to purify.
  • Taking it up a level (most homeowners don’t go this far, but businesses do), consider installing UV lights as part of your ventilation system. It might not seem like they would make a difference, but UV light kills mold and bacteria that grow inside of your air ducts. These UV lights will be out of sight while they keep HVAC systems a little cleaner and safer.

There are also some DIY things you can do to make sure that you have decent indoor air quality in your home, like changing the air filters every three months instead of annually.

Humidifiers can also be effective during dry seasons for any home in Oakland, San Jose or the surrounding areas. A longer fire season also means drier air, and a humidifier will ensure that there is plenty of moisture to make breathing easier.

Work with Element Home Solutions to Create the Ventilation and Air Filtration System That Best Suits Your Home

This year has been tough for everyone, especially those who need to spend more time indoors than usual. If you’re concerned about your home’s indoor air quality this year, contact Element Home Solutions to learn what kind of air filtration systems could work best in your home. We serve homeowners throughout the Bay Area, from Santa Rosa to San Jose. So don’t hesitate to give us a call for more information about our services.