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Making Older Bay Area Homes More Comfortable in the Summer

Bay Area HVAC Repair Company – Installing AC In An Older Home

Keeping an older home cool during the summer can be a challenge. Many older buildings lack the ductwork found in more modern homes, and some simply don’t have the space for a good air conditioning unit. And yet, this doesn’t mean that you have to put up with an uncomfortably warm house this summer. There are ways to keep an older home cool with the help of a Bay Area heating and air installation company. Let’s go over just a few. Continue reading

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4 Factors That Determine the Cost of a New AC Installation

Bryant Heating and Air Conditioning Systems – How Much Will It Cost?

No matter how well you take care of your air conditioner, you’ll need to replace it sooner or later. At that point, it’s just a matter of how much a new AC system will cost. While speaking with cooling services in the Bay Area will give you a good idea of how much you can expect to spend, keep in mind that there are several factors that will affect your overall price tag. Continue reading

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Why Go Ductless with a Mitsubishi Mini-Split System?

There Are More and More Mitsubishi Mini-Split Heaters Near Me, Here’s Why!

Technology makes more appliances smarter than ever. ACs are advancing to make them easier to install than traditional units, giving you more options to keep a comfortable temperature through your home. Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning installers can install units in rooms that always seem to be too hot or cold. Because these units don’t require ductwork, they’re an affordable solution for basements, home additions or enclosed patios. Here are a few benefits of going ductless.

Fast Installation

Installing a new AC and ductwork is time-consuming and messy. Adding ducts to your home can be complex. The Mitsubishi ductless air conditioner can be installed quickly without a lot of disruption to your routine. In many cases, you can get the job done in one day.

Increased Energy Efficiency

HVAC systems often aren’t as efficient as we’d like. It takes a lot of electricity to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home. You can reduce your electric bill by installing ductless ACs in rooms that get more use. This reduces your reliance on your HVAC system to keep the whole house at a particular temperature. You use less electricity because your whole system doesn’t have to switch on and off so often.

Cleaner Indoor Air

Your current ducts collect a lot of dirt and pollen, which continues to circulate through your home. The Mitsubishi mini-split heaters near me don’t use ducts, which reduces the number of pollutants circulating in your system. The indoor air quality improves. If you have asthma or allergens, it can really help you breathe better. A ductless AC dehumidifies the environment, just like your HVAC, so you stay more comfortable in rooms that deal with a lot of humidity.

Low Maintenance

If you’re trying to reduce the amount you spend on air conditioning repair in the Bay Area, a ductless unit might be the ticket. A ductless unit doesn’t require much maintenance. You do need to keep the filters clean and you have to keep the outdoor unit cleaned up so the airflow isn’t blocked. But unlike your traditional HVAC system, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the ducts or losing heat and air through leaks in the ducts.

Element HVAC – Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioning Installers

We service and sell nearly all brands of HVAC units. Our motto is to offer the best quality services and maintain a long term relationship with the clients. To retain our clients with us we leave no stone unturned to make them satisfied with our high quality services. We hire staff having relevant experience and who can deal with even the most complex issues of the systems. We value our client’s time and money so we offer our services according to their convenience and have affordable rates for the services. Ask us about ductless ACs to see if one can fit your home.

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5 Factors that Affect Your Heater Efficiency

Does Your Inefficient System Need Heating Repair in the Bay Area?

Opening your gas bill in the winter can be an eye-opener. If your gas bill seems to keep going up without a rate increase, it could be that your heater is working harder than it needs to. You may need heating repair in the Bay Area or you may need to invest in a new, more-efficient HVAC system. Here are some things to check on your furnace to make sure your heater is getting the most efficiency. Continue reading

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Central Air or Ductless Mini-Split Heaters? What Furnace Installation is Right For You?

Bay Area Furnace Installation – Ductless Mini-Split or Central Air?

If you’re in the market for a new heating system, you generally have the choice between a central heating system and a ductless mini-split heater. While just about any company offering furnace installation in the Bay Area should be able to install either of these systems, it’s best to know the pros and cons of each one so you can decide which is best for your home. Continue reading

Landscaping Ideas for Outdoor AC Units

Landscaping Ideas for Air Conditioning Units

Central air conditioning is great to have when you live in the Bay Area. But there is still the matter of what to do about the A/C unit that sits outside of your home. While AC units are very practical, they are not very attractive. There are ways, however, to use landscaping around your outdoor air conditioning unit or heat pump to minimize the visual impact while allowing the unit to operate efficiently.

Element Home Solutions does not provide landscaping services. But, we recommend following some of the steps shared here to protect your HVAC investment!

Use Landscaping to Hide your Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit

Continue reading

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Is Fall Furnace Maintenance Really That Important?

Give Your Furnace Some Love Before the Weather Gets Cold!

Local HVAC firms emphasize getting all of your heating and cooling equipment serviced at least twice a year, preferably summer for the HVAC and summer for the AC.
But what about fall? Is there value in getting someone trained and certified to check out your furnace a few months after summertime? Pretty much everyone in the industry will say “Of course there is!” It’s better to focus on maintenance than have to call for a furnace repair in the Bay Area.

Continue reading

Bay Area dryer vent cleaning

Signs That You Need Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

Wondering What’s Wrong With Your Dryer?

When a dryer stops working like it should, many people think they need to replace it. While that is sometimes the case if you have an older dryer, sometimes the problem is due to dryer vents that need to be cleaned. If you’ve been having a problem with your dryer that should be working just fine, here are some signs that you will need to find a bay area dryer vent cleaning company.

Your Clothes Take Too Long to Dry

The average load of laundry should be almost completely dry after spending 45 minutes in the dryer. If it takes longer than that, you either have too many clothes in the dryer or there is something wrong that needs to be fixed.

The Exhaust Termination is Closed

The exhaust termination is where the dryer exhaust escapes to the outside of your home. You might also know this part as the flapper, wall cap termination, or roof termination, and you will know that it’s open when you actually see some exhaust on the outside of your home when the dryer is on. If your dryer vents are dirty to the point of being clogged, the exhaust termination won’t open, and this exhaust won’t escape to where it needs to go.

Your Dryer is Running Hot

A dryer uses heat to dry clothes, so it obviously should be slightly warm when it’s on. However, it shouldn’t be overly hot to the touch, and it shouldn’t make your laundry room feel like a sauna. Both scenarios are signs that your dryer vents need to be cleaned.

You Notice More Lint than Usual Around Your Dryer

There will always be some lint around your dryer when you use it, but there shouldn’t be an excessive amount. If there is, it could mean that the vents are clogged and the lint has nowhere to go.

You Notice a Burning Smell

Perhaps the most important reason to take care of clogged dryer vents is because they can start a fire. In fact, an estimated 16,800 house fires in the United States were caused by problems associated with washers and dryers in 2010. If you notice a burning smell coming from your dryer when it’s on, it means the excessive lint in the dryer vents has caught on fire. Your house won’t immediately burst into flames, but it does mean that you should have your vents cleaned as soon as possible.

All of these are signs that your dryer vents need to be cleaned out. Most companies that provide appliance repair services won’t clean your dryer vents, so you will have to find a company that handles dryer vent cleaning in the bay area. There are plenty out there if you’re willing to look, so make sure you keep one in mind in case your clogged dryer vents need to be cleaned out.

Do You Need Bay Area Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Contact Element Home Solutions today! We pride ourselves on our satisfied customers!

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Reduce the Risk of Rodents in your Attic by Taking These Steps

Bay Area Rodent Proofing Steps

Does it sound like there is a another party in your attic? Do you hear scampering noises at night or during the day when you pay close attention? These are clear signs that there are rodents living in your attic. You may also notice some droppings or urine while cleaning your house. These rodents can nest in and even destroy your insulation, making you incur an extra cost of replacing it. It is therefore essential to take the necessary measures in order to completely get rid of these rodents in your house. The following are some of the steps you can follow for Bay Area rodent proofing.

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Bay Area air conditioning repair

How to Know When Your A/C Unit Needs Service

When it comes to proper air conditioning system maintenance practices, certain signs of wear and tear are a bit more obvious than others. You should make yourself aware of some of the warning signs that your HVAC system emits, and take care of the problem before it seriously reduces your AC unit’s efficiency. Continue reading