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5 Factors that Affect Your Heater Efficiency

Does Your Inefficient System Need Heating Repair in the Bay Area?

Opening your gas bill in the winter can be an eye-opener. If your gas bill seems to keep going up without a rate increase, it could be that your heater is working harder than it needs to. You may need heating repair in the Bay Area or you may need to invest in a new, more-efficient HVAC system. Here are some things to check on your furnace to make sure your heater is getting the most efficiency.

  1. Air Filters

    It’s easy to forget to change the filters, especially over the holidays. The air filters are a key component to getting the most efficiency from your HVAC system. Dirty filters prevent the system from having enough air to circulate. A good rule of thumb is to check the air filters when you pay your mortgage. Before you search for residential HVAC repair near me, check the condition of your filters.

  1. Thermostat Setting

    If your bill is higher than you like, you can also turn your thermostat down a degree or two. This eases the load on your heater and your wallet. If you haven’t made the investment in a smart thermostat, you might want to think about it to keep from forgetting to reset the temperature each time.

  1. Your Home’s Insulation

    Your heater may not be heating efficiently because your home is losing heat due to faulty insulation or weatherization. When your insulation isn’t doing its job, your heater has to work much harder. You might inspect your attic and check the drafts around your windows or doors to decide if you need home repairs. 

  1. Age of Your HVAC System

    No one likes to think about replacing their HVAC system, but after 15 to 20 years, the reality is that your system isn’t going to be as efficient. A new system might have an expensive up-front cost, but consider the savings over the next few years when you buy a system that is more energy-efficient.

  1. Maintenance History

    How well you take care of your furnace is another factor that impacts the efficiency of your system. An annual tune-up can catch small issues before they turn into crises. It will also make sure your system is operating at peak performance each season.

Heating Repair in the Bay Area

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