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Bay Area HVAC Repair Company Shares Furnace Fixes to Try Before You Call

For Furnace Repair Bay Area Residents Should Call a Pro – But Try This First

There are some home improvement projects any amateur can perform especially if they have a few tools and an interest in learning more. But furnace repair really shouldn’t be one of them.

Although there are classes and training programs out there that can teach these technical skills, for the most part, untrained people trying to perform major fixes on the furnace can do more harm than good.

Modern furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps are complex mechanical devices that use a variety of electronics and precise engineering to keep your home or business efficiently heated or cooled. Methods of traditional furnace repair Bay Area residents might try could be likely to inflict permanent – and expensive – damage if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That isn’t to say that homeowners can’t do anything. There are a variety of small things that just about anyone can do to help prolong the life of your device and improve its efficiency.

  • Change air filters regularly. Depending on the type of filter and furnace, this task should be done every month or every couple months at the most. Doing so is vital for the performance and efficiency of their equipment. A clogged filter makes the furnace work harder, and increases the need over time for the kind of furnace service Bay Area residents need.
  • Inspect air ducts. You don’t have to have fancy tools to detect if there are areas where it’s colder or warmer than others. This can indicate if there is a possible crack or hole in your ductwork. This can allow air to escape before it reaches the places it’s supposed to and require more energy to properly heat or the cool the rooms you want it to. Cracks can also suck up dirt in the air, which then can be blown into the rest of your home. Small cracks can be sealed but larger ones do need a professional.
  • Adjust your thermostat. Your furnace may be working fine but its settings could be causing your home to not be as warm or as cool as you like it. A fix may be as simple as changing batteries, setting it a little higher or lower if it automatically powers on, or double-checking it’s not set to cool instead of heat.
  • Ensure other pieces are positioned right. Is the blower panel shut? Is the gas valve open? If either of these are out of alignment your furnace may not be performing as well as you like.

If these minor solutions still don’t fix the problems, consult with a HVAC professional who can offer advice on what can help your home. A Bay Area furnace installation might be a good investment, especially if there are various incentives and coupons to get you started.

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