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My Furnace Isn’t Blowing Hot Air

Are You Considering Furnace Repair in the Bay Area?

If your furnace is only blowing lukewarm air instead of hot air, the result can be annoying–and chilly. There are a few reasons this could be happing. This article looks at some reasons why your furnace might not be blowing hot air and ways to fix the problem. It may require getting Bay Area furnace service, but it may also just be the filter which you can do yourself.

Faulty Air Filter or Ducts

Your furnace’s air filter can cause lukewarm air if it is installed backward, is dirty, or is too restrictive. To repair this problem, check to see if your air filter is installed improperly or is dirty, and replace or adjust the filter accordingly.

Another air-flow-related issue that can occur is leaky ducts. If your system’s ducts are leaking, cold air will mix in, causing your furnace’s air to feel lukewarm. The solution is duct sealing, which can be performed by a professional that provides Bay Area heating services.

Nothing’s Actually Broken

It’s possible that your heating system is blowing less hot air, and yet nothing is wrong with it. This can occur with high-efficiency, two-stage furnaces and with heat pumps. Two-stage furnaces heat air at two different temperatures, meaning air won’t always come out at peak temperature. And if you have recently switched your heating system from a furnace to a heat pump, it’s normal to notice that the air it produces isn’t quite as hot. However, if the heat pump does fail to reach the thermostat’s set point, you may need a Bay Area heating repair service.

Faulty Gas, Thermocouple, or Flame Sensor

Three somewhat related problems that can cause lukewarm air are a faulty gas supply, a faulty thermocouple, or an issue with the flame sensor, all of which may be reasons to contact a Bay Area furnace service provider. Burners that can ignite and heat are a sign that the issue isn’t with the gas supply. However, if they won’t ignite and heat, the gas supply may be at fault. Problems lighting may also be caused by issues with the thermocouple or flame sensor. It is recommended that you hire a professional service to handle such issues.

Do You Need Heating Repair in the Bay Area?

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