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Is HVAC Repair and Installing Air Conditioning Cheaper in the Winter?

Should You Plan HVAC Repair and Installation Around the Seasons?

Many people are under the assumption that it’s cheaper to install an air conditioner in the winter. While there are deals to be had, there are also many other considerations that can increase the price of installation. Certainly, it can be better to install an air conditioner in the winter than in the summer, when demand is higher. If you need HVAC repair in the Bay Area, contact a professional.

Demand Is Low for ACs in the Winter

Peak season for air conditioning is when it’s hot outside, so it makes sense to think that it would be less expensive during the winter months. However, most companies that install ACs also provide heater repair in Oakland, so they stay very busy all year long. You can’t rely on low demand to get a better deal during the winter. You may get a better deal if you are replacing your heater and your air conditioner at the same time. Talk to your installer if that is the case.

Finding an Older Model in the Winter

Manufacturers tend to release newer AC models early in the year. You may be able to get last year’s models installed in your home for less than the newer, more attractive ones, much like you might get a deal on last year’s car. But as in the summer, you may still have to pay more for installation because HVAC companies are busy.

When Is the Off-Season for ACs?

March, April and May tend to be the better months for AC installation. It’s not cool enough to need furnaces, but not warm enough to need the AC yet. The second time of year that might be the off-season is September, October and November, at least in California. People aren’t using their AC as much, and they really don’t need their heater full-time. Demand drops on service and repair, which can give you some room to negotiate.

Get a Great Unit

When you are looking for an air conditioner, don’t just look at the price of the unit. You need to make sure you’re getting a unit that fits your home. If it’s too small, the AC won’t cool efficiently, which will make it work harder and wear it out sooner. Make sure to choose an installer who will back up their work. An improperly installed unit won’t cool your home correctly. Don’t forget to think about the savings you’ll see by installing a newer unit because it will be more efficient.

No Matter the Season Element HVAC Repair Can Help

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