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How to Winterize Your HVAC Unit

Take These Steps to Help Avoid the Need of Bay Area HVAC Services Later

Although winter temperatures don’t get extremely cold in the Bay Area, it’s still important to winterize your HVAC unit properly when the seasons shift. If you have any window air conditioning units, now is the ideal time to remove them and put them into storage for the next several months. Don’t make the mistake of leaving air conditioners in windows all winter long when you’re not using them. This could lead to excess wear on the unit that could eventually require you to replace it sooner than you would have otherwise, that may beed to avoidable Bay Area HVAC services for repairs.

Clean and Cover Your Main Air Conditioning System

For the portion of your HVAC system that sits outside, we recommend starting the cleaning process by removing any debris stuck inside of it. This could include twigs, branches, dirt, leaves, and dead insects. Once you’re certain you have removed all the debris, use a spray hose to rinse off all dirt and debris on the outside of the unit. Be sure to operate the equipment gently to avoid bending fans or other parts. You should then leave the unit to dry for several hours.

After touching the outdoor portion of your air conditioner to ensure that it’s dry, place a cover over the entire unit. This prevents debris from getting into the unit over the winter while you’re not using it. Air conditioner covers are available at most hardware and home improvement stores. You can also throw a tarp over the unit and weigh it down with rocks if you prefer.

Change the Air Filter

At our Bay Area HVAC services company, we recommend that homeowners change the air filter of their heating and air conditioning system every three to four months. A great way to remind yourself is to circle the first day of each new season on your calendar. Homes situated near construction sites or that receive a lot of high winds may need to change the air filter more frequently. The problem with not changing your air filter regularly is that it becomes more challenging for cool or warm air to pass through a clogged filter.

Do You Need Bay Area HVAC Services Before Winter Comes?

Before using your heater for the first time this winter, we encourage you to schedule a preventive maintenance appointment with Element Home Solutions. A technician from our HVAC repair Bay Area company will check more than a dozen areas of your heating unit, make minor repairs if needed, and add the proper levels of fluid to ensure that you and your family remain comfortable in the season ahead.