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How Often Should You Have Your Furnace Inspected?

HVAC Tips for Fall

Is your household ready for fall and winter? They are just around the corner, which means the weather will be cooling down soon. That makes this the perfect time to get a furnace inspection, so you can save money on winter heating bills. This is a great time to focus on HVAC San Jose

Scheduling regular furnace maintenance is vital to the longevity of your HVAC system. In fact, this is one of the top ways that you can help avoid preventable heater repair in your San Jose home. Consider the following information as you plan inspections and maintenance around your property.

Furnace Inspection: When and How Often

Choosing the right time of year for furnace inspections could save you money. Ideally, you should schedule a maintenance visit just before the cold weather arrives. This will help prevent the need for repairs during the months that you depend on your heating system the most. Generally, an annual furnace inspection is advisable (and don’t forget to arrange for a yearly inspection of your cooling system, as well).

Saving Energy and Money

Keeping your heating unit in good condition is beneficial for multiple reasons. When your system is working properly, it will be more energy efficient. This puts less of a strain on the environment and our precious resources. Also, maintaining a more efficient HVAC system can lead to significant savings on your monthly heating bills.

Another important point is that if your furnace and other HVAC equipment are under warranty, regular maintenance visits may be required as part of that contract. Failure to keep that commitment could result in your warranty becoming void.

The Safety of Your Household

One of the primary benefits of yearly furnace inspection is that such visits may keep your household safe. A qualified technician can check for issues as serious as carbon monoxide leaks, which might otherwise go undetected until it is too late. You should have carbon monoxide detectors in place, but this additional safety measure can save lives.

Also, scheduled maintenance may prevent your system from breaking down during the coldest months. This could help to keep your family healthy in the wintertime, particularly if anyone in your household has a compromised immune system.

What to Expect

Depending on the type of heating equipment you have in your home, a technician might check for a wide variety of issues. Typically, an inspection may include such tasks as checking the blower access door, the wiring, the vent system, and the heat exchanger. Several other components will require inspection, as well. A visit could take from one to several hours. If problems are detected, a return visit may be needed.

What You Can Do

Essentially, a professional inspection and maintenance is like a tune-up for your heating system. Between visits, there are steps you can take to help keep your furnace in optimal shape. The filter should be changed once every three months. This is generally an easy task, so you can learn to do it yourself if you want to save money. Another way to conserve energy and money is to have a programmable thermostat installed. One strategy is to program such a device to a lower temperature when you are asleep or at work.

Are You Ready to Give Some Attention to Your HVAC San Jose?

When you schedule a furnace inspection this year, make sure it is with a reputable HVAC company. Element Home Solutions provides reliable Bay Area heating services, so contact us today for a free quote.