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Why is My A/C Blowing Warm Air?

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During the warmest months, most home cooling systems are likely to be used more consistently than at any other time of year. Unfortunately, steady use may also coincide with system errors and breakdowns. By practicing a few simple preventative measures, you might avoid the need for frequent Bay Area HVAC services. Consider the following reasons that your A/C unit may be blowing warm air, as well as easy strategies to help circumvent this issue.

No Power

If your indoor unit is blowing warm air, the problem could be due to a lack of power coming from the outdoor part of the system. Before you make the call for cooling services in the Bay Area, you may want to check the fuse box and/or circuit breaker.

Low Level of Refrigerant

Refrigerant is an important part of air conditioning. When the refrigerant in a unit leaks, the result will ultimately be a lower level than is needed for the unit to operate properly. If your system is blowing hot air and you can see ice accumulating on your AC unit, the system will need to be recharged by a qualified professional.

Dirty Coil

A dirty evaporator coil may also cause your air conditioning to disperse warm air in your home. The usual cause of a dirty coil is a dirty air filter. Replacing the filter is vital, but if warm air is now going into your home, a technician should clean the coil.

Clogged Unit

The problem could also be due to an outdoor unit that has become clogged. Dirt, debris, and plant matter can all lead to a clogged A/C, so keep the area around the outdoor unit clean and cleared of such items at all times.

Thermostat User Error

While it may seem obvious that you should set your thermostat to “heat” instead of to “cool” in the summer, it is not uncommon for people to set their systems to “heat” by mistake. When you check or change your thermostat, make sure that it is placed on the right setting. Also, check that it is put on “auto” instead of “on,” as a continuously running fan may lead to warm air eventually being transmitted through the system.

If You Decide You Need Bay Area HVAC Services..

Your home air conditioning is essential when temperatures are soaring. Routine preventative maintenance can go a long way toward keeping your A/C in good shape. To ensure that your system runs optimally, use only a reputable HVAC repair in the Bay Area. Call Element Home Solutions at (888) 980-4822, or contact us online for a free quote on our services.