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Common Winter Heater Repairs for Bay Area Homes

Outdoor temperatures cool down during the Bay Area winter rainy season. You need to know that you can rely on your furnace to keep you and your family comfortable until the weather reliably warms up in late April. Like any mechanical piece of equipment, your furnace may encounter problems that affects its efficiency and could cause it to stop working altogether.

What Would Cause Your Heater to Fail?

Below we explore some of the common issues that cause the need for furnace repair in homes from Santa Rosa to San Jose.

Problems with Air Flow

When dust and debris clog your furnace, it impacts the way that air flows in and out of the unit. Not only will the furnace work less efficiently, you will likely notice that your utility bills run higher as well. This problem is most common among homeowners who forget to change the air filter regularly. Filters quickly fill with dust and debris, which reduces the amount of air that flows through the furnace. Our Element Home Solutions technicians will recommend that you replace the air filter in your furnace every three months to maximize furnace efficiency. Contact us for an inspection if the unit does have a new air filter and still isn’t working properly.

Broken Motor

Another common reason that home and business owners in Oakland and surrounding cities contact us is that their furnace motor no longer works because one or more of its components have failed. Although it’s normal for everyday use to cause the motor to slow down and for parts to break, arranging for regular preventive maintenance is the best way to ensure it doesn’t become a costly repair later. If you think you’re already dealing with a broken motor, contact us for prompt service.

Pilot Light Failure

Older gas furnaces include a pilot light that must ignite the gas in order for the furnace to provide you with the warm air you need. When the pilot light goes out, the thermocouple that controls how gas moves through the furnace shuts off. This will also cause the furnace to shut down as a safety mechanism. That leaves you without any heat at all! Fortunately, a pilot light failure is often a quick repair. We provide furnace repair Bay Area on an appointment and emergency basis.

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