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Signs That You Need Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

Wondering What’s Wrong With Your Dryer?

When a dryer stops working like it should, many people think they need to replace it. While that is sometimes the case if you have an older dryer, sometimes the problem is due to dryer vents that need to be cleaned. If you’ve been having a problem with your dryer that should be working just fine, here are some signs that you will need to find a bay area dryer vent cleaning company.

Your Clothes Take Too Long to Dry

The average load of laundry should be almost completely dry after spending 45 minutes in the dryer. If it takes longer than that, you either have too many clothes in the dryer or there is something wrong that needs to be fixed.

The Exhaust Termination is Closed

The exhaust termination is where the dryer exhaust escapes to the outside of your home. You might also know this part as the flapper, wall cap termination, or roof termination, and you will know that it’s open when you actually see some exhaust on the outside of your home when the dryer is on. If your dryer vents are dirty to the point of being clogged, the exhaust termination won’t open, and this exhaust won’t escape to where it needs to go.

Your Dryer is Running Hot

A dryer uses heat to dry clothes, so it obviously should be slightly warm when it’s on. However, it shouldn’t be overly hot to the touch, and it shouldn’t make your laundry room feel like a sauna. Both scenarios are signs that your dryer vents need to be cleaned.

You Notice More Lint than Usual Around Your Dryer

There will always be some lint around your dryer when you use it, but there shouldn’t be an excessive amount. If there is, it could mean that the vents are clogged and the lint has nowhere to go.

You Notice a Burning Smell

Perhaps the most important reason to take care of clogged dryer vents is because they can start a fire. In fact, an estimated 16,800 house fires in the United States were caused by problems associated with washers and dryers in 2010. If you notice a burning smell coming from your dryer when it’s on, it means the excessive lint in the dryer vents has caught on fire. Your house won’t immediately burst into flames, but it does mean that you should have your vents cleaned as soon as possible.

All of these are signs that your dryer vents need to be cleaned out. Most companies that provide appliance repair services won’t clean your dryer vents, so you will have to find a company that handles dryer vent cleaning in the bay area. There are plenty out there if you’re willing to look, so make sure you keep one in mind in case your clogged dryer vents need to be cleaned out.

Do You Need Bay Area Dryer Vent Cleaning?

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