How To Winterize Your HVAC System


6 Tips to Winterize Your Bay Area HVAC System

Winter is here and it’s cold and foggy in the Bay Area, and that means higher heating bills to keep your home warm and cozy. To cut down on costs, here are six HVAC Bay Area maintenance tips that will keep your system in good order and help you save money.

1. Pay Attention to Your Air Filter

A dirty air filter is going to make your Bay Area HVAC work harder than necessary and drive up your energy bills. So, be sure to replace your filter when the colder season kicks in. And, make a note to replace it every month.

2. Clean Out Your Air Vents

Give your air vents a thorough cleaning. Air vent maintenance will help to prevent blockages, provide quality indoor air, and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If you find quite a bit of buildup of grit and grime inside the vents, consider scheduling a professional air duct cleaning.

3. Install Some Extra Insulation

Insulation may not be something that springs to mind when you think about your Bay Area HVAC system. However, insulation plays a major role in keeping your home warm and cutting down on your energy bills. So go up into the attic, and check to see if there is adequate insulation. If you don’t have a good idea of how much insulation your home needs, talk to an HVAC Bay Area technician for some expert advice.

4. Take a Look at Your Thermostat

Put some fresh batteries in your thermostat and make sure it’s appropriately set for your winter comfort. You can save energy costs by setting your thermostat to a lower temperature at night and while you’re out at work. If you don’t already have one, consider purchasing a programmable thermostat.

5. Place a Cover on Your Outdoor AC Unit

If you have an outdoor AC unit, once you’re sure you won’t be using it again until warmer weather kicks in, cover it with an inexpensive outdoor unit cover. This will provide protection from debris buildup as well as ice and snow. Don’t forget maintenance on your AC unit when the time comes to uncover it. And, if you need Bay Area air conditioning repair, call Element Home Solutions.

6. Arrange for an HVAC Bay Area Inspection

The best time for a heating system inspection is in the fall, but if you didn’t arrange for one then, do it now. A Bay Area air conditioning repair technician from Element Home Solutions will check out your heating system and pinpoint any issues that need to be addressed. Your system will also be expertly cleaned and optimized for the greatest efficiency.

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