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Signs Your Heater Needs a Service

Are You Avoiding Signs That Your Bay Area Heater Needs Service?

A furnace is an expensive piece of equipment, and for that reason alone you should try to do everything possible to extend its lifespan, so you can get the most out of it. To do that, you should have it tuned up before the cold season each year, and always pay attention to any signs that its performance might be hampered for some reason. Here are some of the signs to look for from a local Bay Area heating services company, Element Home Solutions.

Water Pooling By The Furnace

If you should notice water beginning to accumulate around your furnace, this needs to be addressed quickly, and it’s an issue that should be left to the professionals. Since it calls for the combined skills of an HVAC specialist as well as a plumbing ace, you should call for Bay Area furnace installation.

You Notice The Smell Of Gas

Gas is the other substance that can be leaking from your furnace, and you need to react to this even faster than a water leak. When you smell gas around your furnace, you should shut it down immediately, and then find the gas supply valve and shut it down as well. While you’re calling an HVAC technician, make sure no one lights matches anywhere around the furnace.

Thermostat Stops Working

When you notice that you have to keep turning your thermostat higher and higher just to get normal heat for your home, that’s a sign that your furnace needs repair. Problems with thermostat most often are caused by electrical issues, and since there is a risk of being shocked, this is a repair job best left to a professional.

Loud Noises Are Coming From Furnace

There are any number of loud noises which might come from your furnace when it’s having a problem. You may hear bangs, scraping noises, or thumps, and none of them are good signs. When you start hearing such loud noises, it’s time to contact your HVAC professional.

Weak Air Emission

Your furnace is always subject to having problems with the fans, belts, or motors, and when any of these do occur, it can result in a much weaker stream of air coming from the furnace. This is another repair issue that is beyond the realm of most do-it-yourselfers, so when you notice weaker air emission, you’ll need some Bay Area heating repair.

Constant Cycling

When you notice that your furnace has begun to kick on and off repeatedly, this is probably a sign that it’s over-cycling, and that it’s running a lot more frequently than it should. There are a number of reasons why this could happen, and it will probably take a professional to discover the reason and make repairs.

Do You Need Bay Area Heating Repair?

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