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How to Use Zoned AC to Cool a Two-Story Home

If you own a two-story home in the San Francisco Bay Area, a zoned AC system may help improve your whole home comfort. Setting up a central air conditioner with one thermostat to evenly cool a two-story Bay Area house can be difficult. You might find that some rooms are perfectly comfortable, while others are still way too warm. Or are too cold! Your AC unit will struggle to deliver an air flow that cools hotter rooms upstairs without over-chilling downstairs rooms.

Zoned AC Systems Cool Bay Area Homes More Evenly

If you’ve been having problems with keeping your home evenly temperate, the best solution is to install a multi-zoned air conditioning system. Zoned AC systems allow you to cool multiple rooms in your house at different rates. You control the temperature of each room, making it an ideal option if you have a larger multi-story home. Many zoned HVAC systems don’t require the installation of new ductwork. So, they are perfect for older homes. Each zone of the home can have its own unit, so there isn’t a lot of renovation that needs to be completed.

Pros and Cons of a Multi-Zoned HVAC System

A multi-zoned air conditioning system is ideal for keeping a two-story home evenly cool in the summer. But, it’s still best to weigh the pros and cons of having one installed in your own home. While a multi-zone system will cool a larger home more efficiently and be more comfortable, it will be more expensive than a single-zone system. On the other hand, the improved efficiency of heating and cooling a large home much more easily often makes a multi-zone system worth the higher price. This is because you can adjust the temperature in one zone of the house without affecting other zones.

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As an example, during a Bay Area heat wave the top floor of any house traps the heat of the day, no matter how well insulated. So cooling those rooms will take some work. With a single-zone AC unit, the downstairs will receive the same blast of cold air that the upstairs rooms need. This is both a waste of energy and uncomfortably cool for those downstairs! A zoned AC system will focus the energy on those rooms that most need cooling. The house gets an even temperature throughout.

A multi-zone HVAC system may also require you to install multiple indoor mini-split units, so that you don’t have to install new ductwork in your home.

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Your decision on whether to install a multi-zoned HVAC system will depend on the size of your home. For a smaller home, a single-zoned system is usually the way to go. If you have a multi-story home, the efficiency of a multi-zoned AC system is often worth the higher price tag. If you live in Oakland, East Bay, or the surrounding areas and you want to know what HVAC system is best for your home, contact Element Home Solutions today. Our home comfort specialists will be happy to answer any questions you might have.