Zoned Air Conditioning System Home Comfort

Is Zoned Air Conditioning Right for My Home?

Zoned air conditioning systems are rising in popularity in the Bay Area. Homeowners use it improve home comfort in every room. Most HVAC systems only have one thermostat. This only measures the temperature in one spot. This may work for some smaller Bay Area houses, but what if your family can’t agree on a comfortable temperature? What about homes where it is significantly hotter upstairs or cooler in the basement? One HVAC system that controls everything isn’t enough in these cases. That’s where zoned HVAC systems come in!

How Do Zoned Air Conditioning Systems Work?

Zoned AC systems divide homes into different temperature areas. Each of these areas is controlled by its own thermostat. This means that if you want your bedroom to be a little cooler than your living room or you find that your finished basement is still too cold, you can adjust the thermostat in the proper area to the desired temperature without affecting the rest of your home.

A zoned HVAC system works by connecting all of your home’s thermostats to a central control panel. This panel activates dampers within your HVAC system to open and close the airflow to specific temperature areas. For example, if you wanted to adjust the temperature in one area of your home, your HVAC system would open the appropriate dampers until the desired temperature in that area is reached. The dampers will then close to maintain the desired temperature, all without affecting the other areas of your home.

Is a Zoned HVAC System Right for My Home?

A zoned HVAC system is ideal for larger multi-story homes that might be difficult to heat or cool using a traditional HVAC system. Homes with high ceilings, finished basements or attics, rarely-used guest bedrooms, and large windows can all benefit from a zoned system. Any home with some of these specific elements can benefit from zoned HVAC systems. A zoned system might also help if you have issues with high utility bills or poor indoor air quality. It gives you more control over your home’s indoor climate.

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