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Get Your Air Conditioning Inspected Before Summer Arrives

Rainy Bay Area winters can impact your home’s air conditioning system while it sits idle, especially systems with outdoor AC units. Leaves and other debris may have settled in the air intakes, and water may have intruded and could be rusting the unit’s components.

And your furnace has been working hard all winter, and may need some attention before switching over to AC for the summer.

So it is prudent to get your AC units and furnaces inspected this month to ensure a smooth transition.

What Comes With a Furnace and Air Conditioning Inspection?

Element Home Solutions offers full HVAC system inspections and maintenance. Here are many of the system elements we will inspect:

  • Run a test of the system to listen while it operates and experience its output
  • Inspect the interior of the furnace and AC unit for rust or mold
  • Inspect the exterior of each unit for wear and tear or weather damage
  • Check the air ducts for leaks and/or dust build up, the “ventilation” in HVAC!
  • Run a safety check on your furnace’s heat exchanger, and the AC unit’s condenser and compressor
  • See that the blower is working properly and check the blower motor amperage
  • Inspect all contactors for damage (burned or pitted contacts)
  • Clean the burners if needed (likely!)
  • Inspect the flue and exhaust ports to spot and remove obstructions
  • Probe your evaporator coil with an infrared camera
  • Inspect all wiring connections , fixing and tightening as needed
  • Test all HVAC safety features to ensure they are live and ready to protect you

If your AC unit needs a refrigerant top, we will give you a quote before performing that task.

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