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Five Questions About Mini-Split Air Conditioners

If you’re shopping for an air conditioner for your Bay Area home, you will be surprised at the number of air conditioning alternatives available to you. One of the more popular options is the mini-split air conditioner, also called a ductless air conditioner. This is a great option for retrofitting an older Bay Area home that doesn’t have air conditioning. That said, we should clear up a few myths associated with mini-split air conditioners, giving you the information you need to make the best possible decision for your home.

#1: Mini-Split Air Conditioners are for New Construction

Mini-split air conditioners are perfect for existing homes that don’t have air conditioning. They require very little space to work effectively, and they don’t rely on existing central furnace ductwork. In other words, they can be installed pretty much anywhere, even in an older home.

#2: Mini-Split Air Conditioners Cool Homes Unevenly

While window air conditioning units are known for only working in a limited space, a mini-split air conditioner will cool a living space very evenly. You will still need to take factors such as the size of your rooms into consideration, but properly set up, you won’t have to worry about uneven cooling from a new mini-split/heat pump installation.

#3: Mini-Split Air Conditioners Make for Poor Air Quality

Mini-split air conditioners capture dust, dirt, and other debris from the air in their filters, so the idea that they recirculate these particulates throughout the homes is false. You do need to maintain your mini-split unit and replace the filter regularly, so that it actually filters out dust and other pollutants to improve your home’s air quality.

#4: Mini-Split Air Conditioners Take More Energy

Properly set up and used, a mini-split system could actually save energy over a full central HVAC installation, but that isn’t the primary benefit. What really matters is how you can add cooling units to specific areas of your home without having to install expensive new central air ductwork. As long as you only use your home cooling system when needed to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, your energy bills will remain manageable.

#5: Mini-Split Air Conditioners are Expensive to Install

Mini-split air conditioners may be easier to install in a home as they don’t require new ductwork, but the total cost depends on your goals. Again, this comes down to choosing the proper air conditioning solution for your home. If you’re trying to cool a space that is bigger than 2,000 square feet, one mini-split unit might not be enough. You might have to install multiple units, which will be more expensive. Consider the size of your home and your cooling needs before you start shopping for air conditioners.

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