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Mitsubishi Heat Pump Installation – What Rebates Are Available?

You have many options when it comes to replacing your heater and AC. California’s mild weather patterns make a Mitsubishi heat pump ideal. A heat pump works by pumping heat from one place to another. In the winter, the heat pump transfers heat into your home for a comfortable environment. In the summer, the heat pump transfers the heat inside your home to the outside, making it cooler inside.

Benefits of Mitsubishi Heat Pump Installation

Heat pump technology has really improved over the past few decades. Heat pumps are quiet to operate. You’ll see lower costs on your utility bills. Newer heat pumps can be all-electric, which means you can use them if you’ve switched to solar polar. Heat pumps reduce your carbon footprint and improve the comfort in your home.

Incentives for Mitsubishi Heat Pump Installation

Cost savings over the lifetime of the heat pump are a great reason to choose one for your home, but there are even more savings that you may be able to combine to make Mitsubishi heat pump installation more affordable. You should always discuss tax credits with your accountant to ensure compliance with all regulations.

Federal Tax Credits

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 increases incentives for homeowners who make eco-friendly changes to their home. Tax credits are available for several different energy efficiency renovations that include heat pumps and installation, plus insulation and sealing materials. Maximize savings by installing solar panels. The IRA increased the tax credit for federal taxes. In 2024, federal tax rebates may be available under certain guidelines. The California Energy Commission will have information as it becomes available.

State and Local Rebates

Many utility companies offer a heat pump rebate for their customers. The Switch Is On website can help you find your company and find out what is available to you. Some companies even offer free energy upgrades for income-qualifying homes. In some cases, renters can even apply. This website partners with many energy providers, environmental organizations and local governments to help Californians find ways to use clean energy.

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