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What is the Difference Between a Mini Split HVAC System Compared to a Heat Pump?

Mitsubishi Heat Pump Installation or Mini Split?

Heating and cooling technology is advancing to give homeowners more options that are convenient, easily installed and greener. Heating pumps and mini splits are two popular choices for homes in the Bay Area. Here’s what you should know if you’re thinking about a Mitsubishi heat pump installation or mini split installation.

What Are Heat Pumps?

Heat pumps are heating sources that transfer heat from one place to another through the air duct system in your home. A traditional furnace creates heat and pumps it through ducts into your home. Heat pumps take the heat out of the air from the outside and cycles it through the system to create hot air in your home. Heat pumps can also take the hot air in your home and transfer it outside to cool your home in a reverse cycle. Here in the Bay Area, this technology is very efficient and effective in all seasons.  

What Are Mini Splits?

Mini split systems are ductless systems, which makes them extremely versatile. Mini split heat pumps combine the technology of heat pumps with the convenience of ductless air systems. This means you can install mini splits in rooms that aren’t connected to your HVAC system. Mini splits are great for garage or attic renovations or add-ons. Your room can still be comfortable in any season, but you don’t have to worry about adding ducts or increasing your HVAC’s capacity for a bigger home. Mitsubishi mini split installation is customizable, so you can provide heating and cooling where it’s needed.

Which One Suits Your Needs?

Heat pumps are great for homes that are already ducted. Mini splits work well in rooms that aren’t getting enough heat or cool air, but they can work well in homes without ducts. It can be difficult to decide which one is best for your home without speaking to experts in Bay Area heating services who can walk you through the configurations that suit your needs.

Bay Area Mitsubishi Heat Pump Installation Pros

Element Home Solutions can help you understand how different heating and cooling systems will work in your home. We’ll give you the pros and cons of each, along with maintenance tips for the longest lifespan to keep your system working effectively all year long so you make the best decision for your budget, your priorities, and your comfort.