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HVAC Mistakes That Are Costing You A Lot Of Money

The Top 3 Bay Area HVAC Mistakes That Are Costing You A Lot Of Money

Steep energy bills and frequent system repairs can be frustrating. Fortunately, you may circumvent such issues by avoiding certain habits and practices. When you do require service, remember to use a reputable Bay Area HVAC company. Consider the following HVAC mistakes, so you may prevent unnecessary heating system expenses this winter.

Keeping Doors Or Vents Closed

It might seem as though you are conserving heat by closing off unused rooms or vents in your home. However, doing this could actually decrease the longevity of your furnace. If you live in a home with a forced-air system, closing doors or vents can stop air from returning to the furnace as it is supposed to do. This creates more work overall for the heating system.

You should also be sure that vents are not blocked by furniture or other items. Air cannot flow properly if its course is impeded by objects near the vents.

Not Using The Thermostat Optimally

Your thermostat is an important component of your Bay Area HVAC system. If you install it in the wrong place, you might not get an accurate reading. Worse yet, your system will not serve you properly. Never position your thermostat near things that emit heat, such as vents, lamps, and appliances. Instead, place it as far away as possible from sources of heat and light.

Another mistake to avoid is using an outdated thermostat. A programmable model enables you to set it to different temperatures at different times of day. You can program it to a lower temperature during the daytime, so heat is not being wasted when your household is at work, at school, or running errands. You can also set it to lower temperatures during the night.

Neglecting Your HVAC System

A well-maintained HVAC system should yield years of use. In order to keep your heating components in top condition, you need to schedule regular upkeep visits. This enables your HVAC Bay Area professionals to catch a variety of potential issues early, before they become big problems. Periodic maintenance also keeps the system running more smoothly, in general, which can result in lower energy bills.

Remember to have the ductwork inspected on a regular basis, as well. If left neglected, the ductwork may cause your system to work less efficiently than it should.

Take Care Of Your HVAC System By Hiring A Local Bay Area Specialist Today

Your HVAC system is a vital aspect of your home environment. By avoiding some of the most common mistakes, you can get the most from your heating components during the winter. Element Home Solutions provides reliable, expert HVAC services. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions for HVAC in the Bay Area. Call (888) 980-4822 to learn more about servicing your HVAC system.