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Seven Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance Steps

With the extra time at home we are spending as we wait out the Coronavirus pandemic, people are filling their time with previously deferred home chores. Home and property owners are tackling a long list of projects that would also qualify as Spring Cleaning. This could be tidying up the yard, planting a garden, making indoor and outdoor repairs or getting your Bay Area air conditioning system ready for the summer. While many of these tasks are DIY, running an A/C maintenance check should be done by A/C maintenance experts.

As we do every year with the approach of warmer weather, we offer our seven spring air conditioning tips:

  1. Remove winter covers if you use those (which we recommend), inspect them for damage and store them neatly away in a dry place.
  2. Have Bay Area air conditioning services and home insulation experts check the attic insulation. Do you have at least nine to ten inches if insulation throughout the attic area to prevent the loss of your cooled air?
  3. Call a Bay Area air conditioning repair service to perform a seasonal inspection and service to make sure there are no problems before you switch the system on.
  4. Change the system filter. Buy extra filters to have handy for replacing the old ones every few months.
  5. Have your ductwork inspected for breaks or blockages, and to get dust and allergens removed.
  6. Using mild soap and warm water, you can wash the exterior of the unit, removing any dirt or debris from the fin area (being very careful that you do not bend the fins while doing this cleaning), and the outer housing of the unit. Given the chance to damage the unit, have your A/C technician handle this.
  7. Open any under-the-house vents if your property has them. Be sure that you have a vapor barrier in place on the soil or earth in your crawl space (which doesn’t apply to homes with slab foundations.)

As you did in the Fall, you can also check the doors and windows to confirm that they are still properly sealed. If they are not sealing properly or having issues opening or closing fully, they could make your air conditioning system work overtime as cool air escapes through the gaps and cracks.

Do You Need Bay Area Air Conditioning Services?

Now is the time to get HVAC experts in to help service the system in your home or property. To get professional help with both attic insulation and HVAC services in the Bay Area, contact Element Home Solutions. They can provide a free quote and ensure your air conditioning system works at peak efficiency this spring, summer and for years to come.