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Improve Indoor Air Quality Through the Winter Months

Bay Area Air Purifiers Improve Winter Indoor Air Quality

We spend a lot more time inside in the winter months. Although we avoid the outside pollutants that get worse in the colder temperatures, the air quality in our homes gets worse when we can’t open the windows for ventilation. To keep the air you breathe inside safe and pleasant, here are some tips.

Get an Air Purifier

Dust, pollen, and mold increase in the winter. Because our homes are more airtight, these airborne particles can only recycle through your heating system. Bay Area air purifiers can capture pollutants to increase air quality in your home.

Change Your Air Filters

HVAC air filters are designed to filter out some of the pollutants in the air, but they don’t work as effectively when the filter gets more and more clogged. If you have pets or have a dusty home, you may need to change the filter monthly. Consider investing in a higher quality filter, but still change them every 8 to 10 weeks.

Change the Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer that shows up in fumes from stoves, heaters, fireplaces, and gas ranges. We use these appliances more through the winter, so make sure your CO monitor is working properly and has fresh batteries. If your CO detector is older than 7 years, replace it.

Limit the Candles You Burn

Decorative candles made of paraffin can release carcinogenic toxins in the air. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever burn candles again, just be aware of how you’re doing it. Only burn candles for up to an hour at a time in a well-ventilated area. Use beeswax or soy candles, or a candle warmer instead of candles in a container or with a wick.

Keep Your Heater Working Efficiently

As your heater ages, it may need maintenance and heating repair in San Jose to make sure that it is not releasing emissions it shouldn’t. An annual inspection can help reduce problems through the winter when you don’t want your heater to break down. If your heater isn’t doing its job, don’t use your stove or a generator inside to heat your home. Contact the professionals to make repairs ASAP.

The Bay Area Air Purifiers and Heating Repair

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