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Why Are Heat Pumps So Energy Efficient?

What Makes a Mitsubishi Heat Pump Efficient?

As its name implies, a heat pump works by transferring heat from one location to another. In the case of a home HVAC system, this usually means transferring heat from indoors to the outside or vice versa. For example, a heat pump might cool a home by taking the warm air inside and “pumping” it outdoors. It can also heat a home on a cold day by transferring heat energy from the air outside into the house.

Because heat pumps transfer heat instead of generating it, they are often more energy-efficient than traditional furnaces and air conditioners. When a heat pump is in “cooling” mode, it will transfer heat from inside your home to the outside. When it needs to heat your home, it will take the heat energy in the air outside and move it throughout your home (and yes, the air always contains some heat energy, even during the coldest winters).

While a Mistubishi heat pump still runs on electricity and needs to be attached to your home’s HVAC system, the very fact that it doesn’t generate heat or cool the air makes it far more efficient than other heating and cooling systems. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that a heat pump can reduce the amount of electricity used when heating a home by as much as 50 percent. Heat pumps have other uses beyond heating or cooling your home. A clothes dryer with heat pump technology could be 20 to 60 percent more efficient than more traditional models, while heat pump water heaters cost about half as much to operate than electric resistance water heaters.

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