Heat Pump Cools in Summer Warms in Winter

Why Choose a Heat Pump System to Cool Your Home?

Heat pumps have grown as a viable alternative to conventional HVAC systems in the last several years. This is because Bay Area homeowners have seen friends and neighbors successfully use them to improve their home comfort. In addition, more people understands that “heat pump” means moving heat either into or out of a house. Said another way, heat pumps work by transferring heat from one area to somewhere else as needed.

  • In the summer, they can cool your home by transferring heat from indoors to outside.
  • In the winter, they can heat your home by reversing this process.

Heat pumps are generally less expensive to operate than gas furnaces and air conditioners. And they are usually more efficient and environmentally friendly. Indeed, thanks to new advances in heat pump technology, many homeowners in the Bay Area are replacing their gas furnaces with heat pumps.

So, are heat pumps the right choice for most homes in Santa Rosa, Oakland and San Jose? Let’s take a quick look at how modern heat pumps work so you can decide for yourself.

Improved Heat Pump Technology Adds Efficiency

Manufacturers have evolved heat pump technology over the years to become far more efficient than previously:

Modern heat pumps can draw heat from more than one source. Where many heat pumps were only able to draw heat from the surrounding air, some newer heat pumps can draw heat from the air or the ground. So, they effectively have their own backup heat source, and use whichever source is most efficient. We should note that such complex technology is not needed to meet the needs of Bay Area homes, thanks to our milder winters.

Critically, though, you also reduce your reliance on natural gas. Gas is the main source of fuel for traditional furnaces in Bay Area homes. So, your heating and cooling system will run more efficiently and be a little more environmentally friendly.

Other modern advances in heat pump technology include fans with variable speed motors, two-speed compressors, and a smaller “plug and play” unit that is much lighter and less cumbersome than older units.

Upgrade Home Air Conditioning to Battle Heat Waves

Thanks to the technology’s improved efficiency and smaller impact on the environment, many Bay Area homeowners are now installing heat pumps to improve their whole home comfort in the face of rising temperatures.

If you wish to replace your gas furnace or air conditioner, or if you need a heat pump for a newly constructed home, contact Element Home Solutions today. We will be glad to answer any questions you might have and help you find the right heat pump for your home.