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Top Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Unit Might Not Be Working Properly

Air conditioning and ventilation systems are getting a workout this summer, with temperature spikes and wildfire smoke. Our traditional Bay Area habit of opening windows at night to cool the house off isn’t available when trying to keep smoke from coming in! And, if you have a problem with airflow or if some areas of your home are significantly warmer than others, you may need to assess how your AC and airflow system is performing.

What are the Top Reasons your AC Unit Doesn’t Cool the House?

Here are four key areas you need to inspect to troubleshoot a balky AC unit:

Investigate Air Duct Airflow and Noises

Check every air vent to see if there is sufficient flow when the air conditioner is on. One key indication of air conditioning problems is when air flows weakly through specific vents. This may mean the air ducts have started to leak and need repair. Also, when the air is blowing do you hear rattles or other noises? We recommend that you investigate these strange sounds as they indicate a need to repair air ducts.

Is Your AC Blowing Warm Air?

Along with the strength of your airflow at each vent, is the air cool? If your air conditioner blows warm air instead of cool air, we need to talk! At this stage, the damage has advanced to the point that you should arrange for a Bay area air conditioning repair service immediately.

Common Causes of Airflow Problems

One of the most common reasons that air conditioners don’t work as they should is also one of the easiest to fix: Change the air filter of your HVAC system at least once every three months! These are inexpensive items that have a big impact on your AC unit’s performance, and on your energy bill! A good way to remember is to mark your calendar for January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1, the start of each new season.

Physical Blockage of Vents or Air Ducts

People sometimes don’t consider that placing furniture in front of a vent will prevent an HVAC unit from doing its job. A vent may also become so clogged full of debris that it can’t release air properly. Accumulated debris from years of neglect prevents air from flowing through duct work. Also, if the duct work is insufficient for the home’s current HVAC system, it won’t take long for it to become clogged unless you arrange for regular maintenance.

Contact Element Home Solutions for Regular HVAC Maintenance

These four areas of concern are just some of the common problems and reasons for an HVAC system to under perform. We invite you to schedule an inspection and maintenance appointment us at Element Home Solutions. We specialize in HVAC maintenance and Air Duct Repair. Request your seasonal preventive maintenance today..