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Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

Do You Need Bay Area HVAC Services?

The coming of summer can bring lots of heat but also sometimes the unpleasant discovery that your HVAC system no longer works like it’s supposed to. That’s when there’s a company that specializes in Bay Area HVAC services can come assess what might be happening and determine if your system may need be repaired or even replaced.

There often can be a long gap between the end of the previous summer and the coming of the current summer, so residents may sometimes take a while to learn that their machinery no longer works or at least no longer works as well as it used to.

While many Bay Area HVAC repair companies will be happy to help and make necessary fixes in the fall, winter, or spring, sometimes problems with a unit aren’t detected until it’s hot enough for a homeowner to turn the device on for the season.

That’s why we suggest trying things out ahead of time if possible – this will give you extra time to consider different repair or replacement options and also learn about some of the HVAC products and Bay Area HVAC services.

There are plenty of reasons why an air conditioner can fail and need to be replaced. Here are some telltale signs you have a problem.

  • Different sounds – Sometimes it takes a little bit of careful listening to detect subtle changes in tone when your air conditioning is active from last year to this year. Other times you mean hear louder noises that tell you something isn’t working well, such as squeaking, grinding, or chattering. These sounds shouldn’t be dismissed as “it’s just getting older.”
  • Different smells – Companies that specialize in Bay Area HVAC services will tell you that a fully-functional air condition system should smell clean – not necessarily antiseptic but neutral. But a malfunctioning system may produce stranger smells. For instance, a burning smell or smoke may show that something critical has failed and it’s dangerous to use it further.
  • Higher costs – If you notice that your power bill is significantly higher than normal and the temperature inside and out is similar, your system could be losing its efficiency and working harder for the same results. HVAC services Bay Area contractors offer include the newest models that have a focus on high efficiency which mean lower bills.   
  • Extra moisture – A small amount is a sign that things are operating well. But a large amount around the AC area could indicate a leak or break in the refrigeration system. Not only will this decrease efficiency but it could lead to mold growth and a much larger problem.

Do You Think You Need HVAC Services in the Bay Area?

If you’ve begun detecting problems with your system, please call Element Home Solutions for a free quote on HVAC services in the Bay Area.