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Ways to Keep Your Heating Bills Down

Tips to Help You Save Some Money

Winter heating bills can be a shock to your pocketbook. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your utility costs over the colder months, we have a few ideas that should help to keep more money in your wallet. If you are looking for heating services in the Bay Area, we also can help with that!

Watch Your Thermostat

Lower your thermostat at night and while you’re out for work. Dropping it down to 55 degrees at night can really save money. Use extra blankets and dress warm. When you are at home, set it at 68 and use sweaters to stay warm. One way to remember to set it up and down is to get a programmable thermostat. Program your heater to come on before you get home from work and right before you wake up. Use space heaters to only heat the space you actually use. Be cautious, though. Keep the space heater clear of walls and flammable objects.

Open or Close Your Windows

Your house can lose up to 25% of your heat through the windows. Close the curtains on your north-facing windows. Open the curtains and shades on south-facing windows when the sun is shining to warm up your home. Close the curtains at night to prevent heat loss. If you have single-pane windows, install plastic window treatments to reduce heat loss. Bubble wrap makes great insulation for windows. Spray the glass with water, place bubble wrap over the window. Easy install and take down.

Add Insulation

Make sure your doors and windows are sealed well so that your warm air doesn’t escape, and cold air doesn’t get in. Insulate your attic. Look for gaps where cables and wires enter your home. Seal heating ducts and add extra insulation to retain the heat that comes into your home. Check for tax deductions or rebates to get even more savings.

Check Your Furnace

Change your air filters at least every three months, even more often if you have pets or have a lot of dust. Get your furnace serviced before the cold air hits. A professional company that provides heating services in the Bay Area can make sure your furnace is running efficiently through the winter months.

Get a Humidifier

Moist air holds the heat better than dry air, so a humidifier can help control heating costs. Plus, it makes it easier to breathe when the outside air is dry, and it helps keep your skin from drying out. If you struggle with sore throats and sinus problems, a humidifier can be a real benefit.

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