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Reasons Your Electric Bill May Be High

Can a Bay Area HVAC Company Help You Save Money on Your Bills?

You budget for your bills and pay them on time every month. That’s why it can come as such a shock when your electric bill arrives and it’s much higher than expected. This situation becomes even more frustrating when you’re certain that you’re doing everything possible to conserve energy yet still receive a high bill. We explore some of the most common reasons for high energy bills below and how you can work with our Bay Area HVAC company to resolve them.

Electric Furnaces Are Expensive to Operate

Although some homeowners prefer the convenience of an electric furnace over a gas furnace, the trade-off is that it costs more to operate them each month. In fact, the cost to obtain electricity for a furnace is higher in most states than the cost of using propane or natural gas. Our furnace company in the Bay Area would be happy to provide you with an equipment and labor quote if you’re considering replacing your current electric unit with one powered by propane or natural gas.

Use Your Clothes Dryer Less and Clean the Vents More

Drying your family’s clothes in a clothes dryer several times a week can significantly increase your electricity costs. Occasionally hanging clothes on a clothesline instead of running them through a drying cycle can save you money as can making sure that you remove the lint from your dryer vent after each use. Arranging for professional dryer vent cleaning in the Bay Area can also keep this piece of equipment running as efficiently as possible.

Check the Default Setting on Your Hot Water Heater

Although many hot water heaters come pre-set to 140 degrees, the Department of Energy states that 120 degrees is an adequate temperature for most homes. You may be able to save up to 10 percent off the expense of heating water every month just by turning your unit down 20 degrees.

It’s also important to consider where you place your water heater. If it’s in a cool and damp location such as the basement or garage, it will need to work harder to provide the hot water you expect. You can increase water heater efficiency by moving it to a warmer location and wrapping it with a safe blanket or hot water heating insulating kit.

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