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Serious Furnace Issues that Go Unnoticed

As much as you might want to think that you will notice serious furnace issues, there are a number of HVAC-related problems that can go unnoticed for some time, especially if you don’t keep up your regular furnace maintenance. Some issues might be easy to ignore during a mild Bay Area winter, but many of them can be hazardous to your family’s health and/or damage your HVAC system, shortening its life.

Furnace Issues can Build Up Over Time Unnoticed – Some Have Health Implications

Here are just some of the more severe HVAC problems you might miss if you skip your winter heater inspection.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Of all the dangers of keeping old heaters in your home for too long, this is probably the most critical. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless and odorless gas that is often emitted by a cracked heat exchanger in your furnace, and having too much of it in your home can threaten your family’s health. A carbon monoxide detector can warn you if the CO levels in your home are getting too high, while diligent home furnace maintenance can prevent CO leaks before they can endanger your family.

Poor Air Quality

Your HVAC system does more than regulate the temperature in your home; it also maintains your indoor air quality. If you have an older furnace and aging ventilation system, you might notice an increase in allergy symptoms, upper respiratory infections, and other problems that stem from breathing in pollutants that are supposed to be filtered out by your HVAC system. This can be easy to miss until the issue gets serious. You might even attribute your family’s health issues to other factors. Eliminate the cause by repairing and updating ventilation systems and maintaining the furnace.

Fluctuating Temperatures

It’s not hard to notice when it suddenly becomes too hot or too cold in your home, but a slight temperature fluctuation might pass unnoticed, especially if the temperature differs from one room to the next. This can happen if your furnace’s blower is not forcing warm air throughout your home, your thermostat isn’t calibrated properly, or if you have holes in your air ducts. All of these issues can be found and solved through an HVAC inspection.

Imminent Furnace Breakdowns

Most HVAC systems will work reliably for between 15 and 20 years. After that, they are more prone to breakdowns and other serious issues. If you have an older heating system, you could be headed for a breakdown sooner rather than later. Murphy’s Law dictates that this will almost certainly happen at the worst possible time such as in the middle of the night during a cold winter. Replacing old home heaters can cut down on the need for emergency repairs at inconvenient times, so look into that. A new gas furnace or heat pump system may seem expensive, but so is having to pay for repairs for a dying HVAC system.

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