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Do Energy Efficient Curtains Really Work?

Are You Trying to Avoid a Bay Area HVAC Installation or Breakdown?

Are your heating and cooling costs getting out of hand? Before calling for HVAC services in the Bay Area, perhaps you should invest in some energy efficient curtains.

Did you know that approximately one-third of your home’s heating energy is lost through its curtains during the cooler months of the year? Although we have pretty mild temperatures here in the Bay Area during the winter compared to other parts of the country, the heating loss can still be significant.

During the summer, nearly three-quarters of the sunlight that hits your windows will increase the temperature inside your home to the point of making you uncomfortable. Many homeowners reach for the dial on the air conditioner at this point rather than attempt to determine why their home is suddenly so hot.

When you lose heat in the winter and gain unwanted heat in the summer, it causes your heating and cooling system to work much harder than necessary to keep you comfortable. This means that your bills for heating and cooling will be higher than they need to be as well. One simple tip that your Bay Area HVAC installation and repair company likes to give our customers is to consider replacing their current curtains with curtains that have a higher energy efficiency rating.

What Makes Energy Efficient Curtains Different?

Curtains are typically constructed from fabrics or slats to cover the specific dimensions of a window. They prevent people from looking into your home and help to provide protection from the weather. Unfortunately, the latter function is often limited because the curtains contain no special properties. Energy efficient curtains, on the other hand, contain unique fabrics that block heat from entering your home during the warm months while preventing the heat from leaving your home during the cooler months.

In a warm climate like the Bay Area, choose energy efficient curtains with a solar backing in a light color to reflect light and bounce it away from your home. The new curtains should cover the entire area of the window for maximum effectiveness. 

So, bottom line… Do energy efficient curtains really work? Yes. They are a worthwhile investment.

Regular HVAC Services in the Bay Area Can Also Improve Comfort and Lower Costs

Another thing you can do to improve efficiency in your home is to arrange for regular preventive maintenance of your heating and cooling units. Our HVAC San Jose company especially recommends scheduling these appointments in the spring and fall before the temperatures change too dramatically outside.

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