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What System’s Right For You? Consider a Bryant Mini Split Installation!

Bryant Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Selection

You have many options for HVAC systems in your Bay Area home. Furnaces run by propane or gas are going by the wayside, but electric furnaces can still be popular. A heat pump can be a good choice for the climate in the Bay Area, but you may still need an AC for those really warm and humid days. Mini splits are making their place in the AC/heating options for many reasons. If you’re looking at Bryant heating and air conditioning systems for your home, here’s why mini splits may be a good option for your home.

Mini Splits Are Easy to Install

Mini splits are designed to be small and less intrusive than window AC units or space heaters. They’re easy to install in individual rooms or up to four zones. The compressor can be placed in the most advantageous spot on an outside wall, so it won’t impact the aesthetic of the home. You get a lot of flexibility within your home, as well. Bryant mini split installation won’t be as obtrusive as ductwork or a traditional HVAC system that requires a closet.

Mini Splits Are Ductless

One of the best reasons to choose a mini split is because you can get heat and cool air in rooms without ductwork. If you’ve added on to your home or remodeled your garage, a mini split can be installed in rooms not traditionally connected to your HVAC. Whether you choose a mini split or a Bryant heat pump installation, your home will be comfortable year round.

Mini Splits Get the Heat/Cold Air Where You Want It 

Mini splits can be installed in any room where you may need additional heating or cooling. Maybe your attic gets too warm or the kid’s room doesn’t have good circulation of heat or cool air. Even if the room is ducted, you can add a mini split without changing the look of the room.

There May Be Tax Incentives or Other Credits

Mini splits are environmentally friendly, making them ideal for communities who have strict regulations for heating and cooling units. You may be able to find incentives to help you on taxes or with installation costs from the federal or state government or local utility organizations.

Bay Area Bryant Heat Pump Installation

With so many different types of heating and cooling systems for your home in the Bay Area, you’re sure to find something that works for your home, your goals, and your budget when you talk to the experts who understand furnaces and ACs. Contact Element Home Solutions today to discuss your HVAC needs!