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5 Easy Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Are you unsure what tasks you can handle on maintaining your air conditioner?

Keeping your HVAC unit in a top-notch shape is an important task. It requires a regular maintenance to ensure that it’s operating on the full potential. Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system offers you a plenty of advantages, such as avoiding emergency breakdowns, cost-saving benefits, and reduced energy bills etc. There are some tasks you can do yourself and there are some tasks that should be left to the experts. Read on to help you decide which tasks you can take on yourself and when you need to call for Bay Area HVAC services.

In this context, this article will reveal five easy air condition maintenance tips that every homeowner should know.

  1. Clean & Replace the Air Filter

The air filter is a key component of your HVAC equipment. It needs to be regularly cleaned and replaced (whenever it’s needed). For example, if the air filter gets contaminated with dirt, dust, and allergen particles, then the air flow will decrease. Even more, the polluted airflow that’s coming out of your air conditioning device may bring allergen particles that are harmful to asthma patients. This is a task most home owners can do themselves.

  1. Check Individual Wiring & Components

Before checking the wiring and components, please make sure to disconnect the external electricity connection and turn off the main power. Now, you should remove the access panel to inspect the common signs of overheating, such as melted insulation and burned-looking wires etc. Next, you should check every electrical connection to ensure that there’s no short-circuit. Apart from that, you should also inspect the contactor switch and replace it in the case of excessive pitting. This is a task best left to a Bay Area HVAC repair company. 

  1. Examine the Thermostat

Inspect the thermostat to check if it’s operating at the right temperature limit. If your HVAC unit has a mechanical thermostat, you can upgrade it to a programmable model. Note, programmable thermostats can actually save more energy and cut down your electricity costs. This is another task that most home owners can take care of easily. 

  1. Inspect the Condenser Unit Fan

The fourth tip is inspecting the condenser unit fan. Before inspecting this unit, do not forget to turn off the power connection of the air conditioner unit. Now, thoroughly inspect the fan blades; if there are any visible cracks or chips, then you may need to replace them immediately. Also, the fan motor bearings need to be well-lubricated so that it reduces friction and saves energy. This is a task that a Bay Area air conditioning repair company can help with, especially if there is any damage. 

  1. Keep the Outside Clean

Keeping the outside area of an HVAC unit clean is extremely important. Not only it will result in an improved air flow, but also it will maintain the system capacity and efficiency. However, with time, a build-up of dirt, dust, grass clippings, dry leaves, and other debris may get accumulated on its outside area. This task is easily handled by most home owners. 

You may use a garden hose in order to clean the area, remove all clutter, and wash out the debris so that it never impedes the air flow.

The Final Verdict:

If you are an average homeowner, then you would be smart to contact an experienced professional for Bay area HVAC services. That’s because — professional HVAC technicians will have adequate experience and expertise to handle all types of HVAC maintenance services.

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