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What to do When Your Bay Area HVAC Unit Isn’t Blowing Cold Air

Is Your Air Conditioner Not Working Properly?

There are probably worse things in life than an air conditioner that doesn’t work when it’s supposed to, but during an especially warm day when you do need to be refreshed by cool air, it’s hard to think what they are. If you are deciding whether to call a Bay Area AC repair professional, this blog may help. 

Our air conditioners can play such an important role in our lives, whether they’re in use regularly or only fired up on hotter days. They keep us from having to sit and sweat in our homes or apartments, or have to go elsewhere in search of something less stifling. That’s why it’s so disappointing when they either start putting out warm air or stop working altogether. This sort of condition is also usually discovered on a hot day vs. a cooler day when there’s less urgency to get things fixed in a hurry.

If you aren’t familiar with modern air conditioning systems, a recommended first step is to contact a Bay Area HVAC company to discuss repair or replacement options.

Many of today’s air conditioners are complex and contain delicate mechanical components that can be easily damaged in untrained hands. There’s also a risk of harm to the user due to them being part of a home’s electrical system.

But if you feel confident in your abilities to try to assess what could be happening, go ahead and take a look.  If the solution proves to be beyond your abilities, go ahead and contact a Bay Area HVAC services company to share your observations. This will give them a head start on where to start on diagnosing the problem and getting it back to cooling you.

  • Find your manual. This will give information on basic troubleshooting and which areas can be safely accessed without hurting yourself or the unit. It will also offer details about how to safely shut the unit down. (Don’t forget to cut power at the main panel either!) A technician will also need specific information on brand and model so they’ll know which tools and parts to bring.
  • Look for obvious causes. A dirty condenser or dirty fins are likely causes of an air conditioning unit working but not pushing out cold air into your living space. Cleaning these can be tricky, especially the more fragile fins. Broken or bent fins are more noticeable but might indicate other problems or malfunctions. Another possible reason for lack of proper cooling is a lack of Freon, a refrigeration coolant, especially in older units. A Bay Area HVAC repair company will likely tell you about coolant options that are better for the environment.
  • Plan ahead. Once you get your current problem solved, consider making an appointment for regular service. Scheduling an annual check-up can keep dirt and grime from building up on internal components and keep your air conditioning unit running optimally. Reliable technicians can give you a head’s up of possible areas of concern before they cause greater damage.

Do You Need Bay Area HVAC Services?

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