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Bay Area cooling services

Element Home Solutions is OPEN and Working!

With our local Bay Area economy gradually opening for business again as our COVID-19 infection curve remains flat, the heating and air conditioning installation and maintenance teams are back at work full time.

Element Home Solutions prioritizes the health and safety of our heating and air conditioning customers and employees!

We feel it is very important that we still do our part to practice social distancing, while continuing operations. To be both proactive and responsive to this changeable situation, we have implemented strict guidelines for office and worksite cleanliness, regular hand washing, mask wearing, and disinfection of tools and surfaces.

We are ready to help you with your home heating and cooling needs!

Element Home Solutions offers more than just heating and air conditioning systems. We perform attic cleaning and attic insulation work, crawlspace cleaning and vapor barrier installation, and ductwork cleaning and installation. In short, we ensure that your entire house is working to provide you the comfort and temperature that you wish in every room.

Contact us for an estimate! We can meet with you on your property while practicing the social distancing guidelines recommended by Cal OSHA. Give us a call today! 888-980-4822.
Or send us a request through our site.

Element Home Solutions is open for business for A/C unit and system maintenance and repair

We expect a fairly hot summer in 2020, and you need to ensure that your AC unit is up to the task of keeping you and your family cool indoors. Sometimes a tune up is all you need, so give us a call to find out.

Give us a call today! 888-980-4822

Or send us a note through our website contact form.

We value your business and relationship. We hope your family stays safe and healthy, and we look forward to working with you!