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Bay area home HVAC inspection

Tips for Choosing the Right HVAC Company

Finding The Best Repair Company For Your HVAC System

A skilled and experienced HVAC contractor can be your best friend, if you need a new home comfort system. You’ll also benefit from a reliable HVAC expert if you want to get the best from your existing AC and heating system. Professional maintenance will help extend your system’s life, and ensure that it runs efficiently the entire time. Here’s what to look for when you select an HVAC repair company for system maintenance, repairs, or new installation.

Signs of an Ideal Bay Area HVAC Contractor

CA State License and Insurance

To qualify for an HVAC contractor’s license in California, a contractor must have 4 years of documented experience and pass exams covering business, law and HVAC topics. Contractors should be bonded and insured for your protection. You can check all this information at the website of the California State License Board, which also lists complaints or judgments against a license. For instance, here is the license/bonding info for our company, Element Home Solutions. If you are looking for Bay Area heating services, make sure they are licensed so you are protected.

Experience and Continuing Education

The best contractors have years of practical experience in the field. The most dedicated, truly expert HVAC contractors keep up with the latest developments in home comfort systems, such as smart home and “green” home features and understand energy efficiency optimization. The best HVAC technicians have also had factory level training from major brands.

Make Sure Your HVAC Company Offers The Services You Need

Do They Have The Full Range of Services?

Your contractor should have the ability to evaluate your home’s complete heating and cooling needs, and offer all related services needed, to ensure your home is comfortable and energy efficient. In addition to Bay Area HVAC installation, repairs and maintenance, your contractor should offer services like duct cleaning, crawlspace cleaning, attic insulation and more. Top heating and AC contractors are also qualified to help you choose the right, energy-efficient, AC and/or heating system for your home and family needs, which includes properly sizing the system. The contractor should sell/install the most reliable brands.

Check References Before Hiring A Contractor And Ask About Financing Options

Look For Terrific References

A good Bay Area HVAC contractor won’t hesitate to put you in touch with recent customers, so you can feel confident in hiring them to work in your home. Be sure to check the references and ask questions about the quality and timeliness of the work. Also learn about (and assess for yourself) the company’s customer focus and communication skills. The contractor should be friendly, open and honest. S/he should be able to clearly explain needed work, offer you options if possible, and complete the job efficiently and completely. Make sure your chosen contractor is Better Business Bureau accredited with an A+ rating.

Discount, Rebate, and Financing Information

The best AC and heating contractors offer HVAC coupons, discounts and specials to save you money on popular Bay Area heating services. They should also keep up with the latest power company rebates or energy efficiency tax credits to make sure you can take advantage of these programs, which change from time to time. Top contractors also provide financing options for qualified customers.

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