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Is Your Heater Making You Sick?

Is Your Bay Area heating unit causing health problems?

Because of close contact indoors during the cold and flu season, many people experience health issues in the wintertime. However, sickness spread via person-to-person contact is not the only health concern throughout the winter months. You could actually become sick even if you never leave your home. If you do not schedule periodic inspections and air duct cleaning for your home, your Bay Area HVAC system may be the primary source of your health woes.

Your Eyes and Nose

Once you start up your heating system for the winter, dust and debris that have settled in the duct work will soon be dispersed in the air. When you inhale such particles, your eyes and nasal passages are apt to suffer. If you suddenly have itchy, water eyes or a runny nose, don’t assume that you have a cold. The culprit could be excessive dust from ducts that have not been properly maintained by a professional.

Respiratory Issues

Heating systems that have not been cleaned may also cause respiratory problems. Fungi and bacteria can accumulate in dusty, uncleaned ducts. Respiratory health conditions that result could include asthma, allergies, and Legionnaires ’disease (which is a type of pneumonia that can be deadly).

Headaches and Blood Pressure

A dirty HVAC system in your Bay Area home may quickly lead to an increase in energy costs. Many people combat higher bills by keeping the temperature uncomfortably low in their homes. This can result in fatigue and headaches.

Worse yet, if you try to reduce your heating bills by keeping certain rooms closed off (and therefore colder) when not in use, such as your bedrooms, a spike in blood pressure may ensue. This is an effect of your body going from hot to cold. This increase in blood pressure may lead to changes to your heart rhythm, the manifestation of angina, and even heart attacks.

Carbon Monoxide

Another important reason to schedule routine HVAC maintenance is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Be sure to talk to your Bay Area HVAC team for ways to reduce this risk, such as having carbon monoxide detectors installed.

Are You Concerned About Your Bay Area HVAC Unit?

You might not be able to dodge every cold or flu germ floating around this winter, but you can certainly take steps to ensure that your heater does not make you sick. Elements Home Solutions provides air duct cleaning for Bay Area residents, as well as a variety of other vital HVAC services in the Bay Area. Contact us today for a free quote on air duct inspection and cleaning.