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Improve Your Home Indoor Air Quality

Breathing is so natural to life that we often take it for granted until Northern California wildfires fill it with smoke and ash. In many areas of California including the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland, and the East Bay, improving indoor air quality is now getting a lot of attention as the wildfire smoke invaded our homes. This is in addition to the continuing problems of vehicular pollution and smog, mold, and heating and ventilation problems common to older homes. And, fresh air inside our homes has already been getting more attention than ever due to the restrictions of COVID-19. With so many people working inside their homes they are more than ever concerned about how healthy air is around them. 

What are the Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Poor indoor air quality is caused by these things:

  • Contaminants can be brought inside the home from outside including dust, airborne chemicals, bacteria, fungi, pollen, and dust
  • Dusty surfaces and damp materials can promote bacterial growth
  • Cigarette and vaping smoke
  • Fumes from new carpeting
  • Fresh paint that gives off volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Harmful household cleaners and disinfectants
  • Pesticides
  • Pet Dander

What are the Benefits of Good Air Quality?

Improving indoor air quality is important to overcome these health problems impacting your family’s mental and physical well being: Headaches, sinus and eye irritations, allergy triggers, congestion, dry cough, and fatigue. Clearly, the health benefits of indoor air quality are many!

How Can Indoor Air Quality Be Improved?

Follow these steps aimed at improving indoor air quality:

  • Keep the floors clean by frequent sweeping and vacuuming to remove dust, dander, allergens, and chemical residue.
  • Use doormats to keep outside dust and other contaminants from coming inside.
  • Use a humidifier and maintain healthy levels of humidity indoors.
  • Never smoke or vape indoors.
  • Use natural cleaners and fragrances.
  • Have the HVAC system tuned-up annually and replace the filter.
  • Open windows daily to improve ventilation.
  • Clean air ducts and dryer vents.
  • Install air quality systems.

Two excellent examples are the IQAir Perfect 16 Air Purification system, and Aerus Air Scrubbers. Adding an air filtration system to the home’s central heating and cooling system tackles many of the bad air sources automatically and continually.

Improve Your Bay Area Home Air Quality with Air Filtration Systems

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