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Get the Most from Mini-split HVAC San Jose – Install it Right!

Installing a Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioner – HVAC San Jose

The way that you install your Mini-split HVAC system impacts its efficiency- and just how cool or warm your home or business will be. Though these systems are typically installed on a wall, they can be installed pretty much anywhere, by a qualified HVAC professional. When it comes to Mini-splits, it is all about location, location, location. Positioning the Mini-split in the wrong spot will cost you money and impact the comfort of your property.

Talk to a qualified professional offering HVAC San Jose to learn more! Here are a few things that property owners need to know about their Mini-split HVAC system:

Mini-splits Need Space

When it comes to positioning mini-splits, make sure that they are installed about eight-fee above the floor, with an additional eight-feet of space between it and the ceiling. You can floor or wall-mount an outdoor unit, but the popular choice is to hang the outdoor unit about a foot above the ground on a wall.

There is not one perfect spot for a mini-split; it should always be installed with the manufacturer recommendations in-mind. Remember that it is critical to provide enough space between the unit and the floor, as well as the unit and the ceiling. A mini-split needs space for accessibility, in the event it requires servicing or repairs.

Look for Shade

An outdoor HVAC unit or condenser belongs in the shade. A shady location is where the system can and will work at its peak level of efficiency- which is exactly what you want!

Install Indoor Units on an Exterior Wall

The best spot for indoor air handlers varies depending on your system and configuration. This is where the expertise of a pro comes in handy; if you are buying Mitsubishi, for instance, garner the assistance of mitsubishi ductless air conditioning installers.

Generally speaking, install your indoor units on an exterior wall for the best connectivity to outdoor system components.

Improve Inside Air Circulation

Any HVAC system needs space and room to circulate the air. Ask any a/c repair San Jose professional, and they will tell you to keep your indoor air handlers clear of obstacles, and your outside unit properly positioned with a clear berth.

Lower the Humidity, too

Fortunately, mini-splits are designed to dehumidify the space as it cools the temperature. Consider air flow and circulation foremost when positioning your units indoors and out.  

Professional Installers – HVAC in San Jose 

Hiring a HVAC professional is always the right approach. If your system is positioned poorly or installed improperly, you risk a lot more than an uncomfortable climate: it likely could cost you money and time, too. Use these tips to pinpoint the perfect location for your property’s mini-split HVAC unit! Contact Element Home Solutions today to discuss a new system installation.