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Central A/C Vs. Window A/C Units

Which Cooling Option to Choose? That is the Question.

There are a lot of things we crave in the heat of the summer, but an easy way to cool down usually ranks fairly high on our list. The ideal solution, for many of us, would be something along the lines of a lovely beach in a warm, exotic destination where there’s a lovely breeze and perhaps a fruity drink or two. 

Unfortunately, we can’t be on a beach vacation everyday when it’s hot out. But you can still bring the idea of cool breeze into your home by checking into some of the different options for Bay area air conditioning servicesDepending on your living situation, comfort level and budget, there are two main options to choose from, each with its pros and cons.

Window Units.

If you like going the DIY route, you can’t go wrong with an air conditioning unit that is mounted in a window. Air conditioning installation in the Bay Area isn’t too difficult; there are often easy instructions to plug it in, and the biggest challenge is making sure it’s properly, securely and safely mounted.

This option can be useful for people who rent or don’t have proper ductwork for a whole house system. It’s also an affordable option for those on budget, often costing around $300. You can also easily take it with you to your next place.

But a window unit’s advantages in terms of portability and affordability can come with some big disadvantages as well, including that its range is really limited to the room it’s mounted in. This means on especially hot days, you might have to stay in that room or install window units throughout the house. These types of units also can be noisy, unattractive and can even block out natural light if it covers part of the window.

Whole house unit.

Central A/C can be appealing but complex, so you will need air conditioning installation from an expert, along with functional ductwork. It is called a full Bay Area HVAC installation. This type of system can provide regular circulation of cool air throughout the home, something that can be downright refreshing for those who may have been accustomed to beating the heat with portable fans, window units or nothing at all.

All the power in a whole house unit is housed in a discreet box in the yard, rather than taking up valuable living/window space. These types of units are pricy, sometimes more than $5,000, but they can be considered a permanent investment.  Plus, you’ll likely start noticing energy savings and reduced power bills right away, whether you’re upgrading from window units or replacing an older less energy-efficient system.

This type of unit can also help reduce dust and other allergens in the home.

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