Bay Area air conditioning repair

Should You Repair or Replace a Broken Air Conditioner?

Are You Considering Bay Area Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement?

When you call for Bay Area air conditioning repair, the idea of replacing your AC may also come to mind. In most cases, a skilled HVAC contractor can troubleshoot your existing AC and make repairs to restore your home comfort. But does it make good financial sense to do so? You may have reached a tipping point, where your old air conditioner costs you more to keep (and keep repairing) than it would to install a new AC.

How to Solve the AC Repair vs. Replace Dilemma 

How do you know if you’ve reached the ideal time to replace your air conditioner? Consider Bay Area air conditioning installation, rather than AC repairs, if:

  • Your AC is more than 15 years old: Older air conditioners tend to need frequent repairs, as parts wear out or fail, one by one. Older AC systems are also vulnerable to catastrophic breakdowns, where a major component may need replacement. In these situations, air conditioning repair may be a better choice.

  • Your energy bill is climbing: Older cooling systems are typically inefficient due to their antiquated design, and performance can get worse as they get older. Today’s air conditioners are better engineered, to higher efficiency standards. That means your new AC will soon begin paying for itself in lower energy bills.

  • Your system needs refrigerant: R22 refrigerant, found in older AC systems, is hard to come by these days, because it’s been phased out in favor of newer, more eco-friendly substances. R22 is expensive and difficult to find, so if your older AC needs a recharge, it may be best to purchase a new air conditioning system instead.

  • Your home comfort is compromised: If your existing AC no longer keeps your home cool enough and completely comfy–remember that your comfort has value–and should be factored into your Bay Area air conditioning repair/replace decision. If we install a new, properly sized, air conditioner in your Bay Area home, your quality of life can be greatly improved.

Get Expert Advice about Bay Area AC Installation and Repair Options

These general tips can help you decide if you need a new air conditioning system, but every situation is different. Some recommend a calculation of repair cost x AC age, compared to new AC cost. However, the best way to determine whether it’s time for Bay Area air conditioning installation, (or if you simply need an AC repair), is to consult an expert. Our HVAC technicians can help you understand the AC repair pros and cons that apply to your specific home and family needs. To learn more about your AC replacement or repair options, contact Element Home Solutions HVAC and Air Duct Cleaning Company for a free quote on HVAC services, today!